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The Deep Democracy Institute provides worldwide diverse and multidimensional Leadership Training Programs. They are designed to teach skills and attitudes to unfold the potentials of organizations, teams and communities.

In order to achieve this, we teach leadership models which include expertise in deep democracy facilitation, organizational and personal development, coaching, leadership, conflict resolution, and self-management. We use an awareness based approach, which allows us to develop these programs in collaboration with the participants, based on their cultural beliefs, their organizational direction and/or their personal style.

Our approach is based on the belief that leadership must assist organizations, communities, and individual members in discovering their natural potentials, unique beauty, and power. As a result of this process, individuals, communities, and organizations can access and use inherent strength, develop wholesome community experiences, and gain success on many levels.

Increased productivity and economic success is not our main goal, but a necessary byproduct of the process of working towards sustainable development. The question, “Does It Grow Corn?” is a Native American Navajo standard by which to scrutinize new models and approaches - and is a key concern for DDI in all endeavors.

The purpose of the Deep Democracy Institute is based on our underlying vision: that the systematic and consistent development of local leadership is the central issue in developing regions, communities, and constituencies. We believe that supporting and training leaders across the entire strata of society is the key to forming civic societies, finding balance in the complex process of globalization, and forming lasting sustainable relationships.

Of the many non-profit organizations that work towards better collaboration, more sustainable international relationships, developed civic societies, and reduction of poverty, only a small few focus on developing local leadership. The Deep Democracy Institute strives to be a role model and champion in this approach, develop cutting edge leadership programs, and educate organizations and the mainstream about the importance of leadership.           

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