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Us women - Us men : new ideas for a collaboration across gender frontiers


October 31 2019 - November 2 2019


Nouzada Hady, Yuliya Filippovska , Dr. Ellen Schupbach

The change of gender roles is a worldwide, regional, and local topic, and involves everyone, advocates and conservatives.

As coaches and facilitators, we aim to meet individuals and groups where they are at and assist them to discover the depth and essences of their beliefs. This process often forwards an unexpected dialogue between the positions and some mutual understanding. In this workshop, we are three female facilitators from diverse cultures, hoping to discover with you, male and female participant, your own experience of your gender role, and how to stay true to your deeper self when coaching and facilitating others on this topic.

In the morning we will introduce methodological coaching and facilitation skills on the intersection of gender, roles, family and relationship paradigm, religion and economics.

Afternoons will include practical work in small and large groups.

Daily Themes

Day 1: Personal development: Coaching as an Emancipatory Tool Beyond Gender (Ellen and Nouzada  focalizers)
Day 2: Relationships Are Changing: Exercises and Group Process around how everyone can gain from the changes in gender relationships. (Ellen and Yuliya focalizers)
Day 3: Group Process, Conflict and Collaboration: Us Men - Us Women (Ellen, Nouzada, Yuliya)

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Cairo Coordination Nouzada Hady
Phone: +20 12 87999 199, +20 1009870000
Email: or


October 31 2019 10:00 AM
November 2 2019 01:00 PM


Novotel Cairo Airport
Po Cairo Airport، Airport Rd, Cairo Governorate 11776, Egypt

Phone: +20 111 111 3822

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