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October 31 2014 - November 2 2014


Dr. Max Schupbach, Dr. Ellen Schupbach

"Deep Democracy" the brand name of a new, scientific, global approach to leadership, coaching and facilitation. Integrating modern physics, new insights from psychology and complex system theories, it can be used for coaching individuals, facilitating teams, and resolving conflicts on team, community and national levels.

Community Leadership - Friday, October 31st, 10a.m. - 5p.m.

Join us for a training seminar on new ways to facilitate and lead the community that you are part of, or that you influence. 

You will learn new ways to: 

1) discover your inner resources and visions and use them to lead in moments of tensions and conflict. Our Inner Work tools offer a step by step approach to remain centered and find solutions.

2) de-escalate conflicts and bring unity to communities that are divided.

3) make your public speaking more impactful, while at the same time empowering others to speak out, take responsibility and enter dialogue.

Deep Democracy is a Leadership Approach that allows for strong, directed leadership AND inclusive, participatory group process at the same time. 

[Start-Up] --> Lift Off --> FLY!  

Weekend Workshop, November 1+ 2 

You started up, okay ! Congratulations. You notice the effort and tremors of the lift off and now you want to pull it through so you can fly.

This 1 1/2 day workshop will teach the 3 key tools to create a successful startup, to lift it out of beginning resistances, and to overcome the obstacles that seem to stop the flight. It is meant to support entrepreneurs in the various phases of development with the difficulties that arise in the creation and implementation. 

The course will include theoretical presentations and practical, experiential learning. 

The course goal is that participants leave with a deepened and detailed sense of the vision and passion behind their project, and new practical skills to bring it effectively into the world, while addressing and working with the market realities and relationship issues that are present along that road. 

Saturday – LIFT OFF - The Power of Dreaming – Your Vision, Passion, Creativity and the World

Sunday – FLY - The Grit, Skills and Network moves to make a startup successful

All successful entrepreneurs are driven either by a burning question in their lives that they want to answer with their work, or by a burning vision with a hope to contribute to the lives of others. "Grit" is our name for the psychological process that allows you to get back to your essence to find the perseverance and strength to complete your projects, and to become successful with what you do. 

Deep Democracy is a psychological and system oriented approach that addresses problems in a new way. It understands that the problems we face are real, yet more easily solved through a psychological process that brings new perspectives and insights. Sometimes you cannot change an outer situation, but you can discover new solution possibilities if you look at it from a different angle. The deep democracy leadership approach assists in finding this new angle. It’s this new angle that creates “grit”.

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How much

Ksh 14,000 if connected to East African economy US $ 350 if connected to Western economy: Ask about our scholarships


October 31 2014 05:00 PM
November 2 2014 09:00 PM


Hekima Peace Institute, Nairobi, Kenya
Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations

Riara Road, off Ngong Road
Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 729 467 413

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