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The Leader as a Taoist


November 6 2015 - November 8 2015


Dr. Ellen Schupbach, Dr. Max Schupbach

The Leader is a Taoist

Taoism, in our understanding, is a spiritual path to notice and flow with energies, challenges and controversies. The Taoist dreams along with them, finds their essences, and uses them for her or his own holistic development and the development of those around. In our view, the Taoist practice understands life as a practice ground to get closer to the mystery of who we are and unfold the secret in the energies that surround us and seem to oppose and challenge us. Life, work, and relationships - money, rank, team and organizational situations - are all part of this practice ground.

We understand inner and outer worlds are mirror images of one another.
For those of us that are more interested in outer effectiveness and impact, the Process Work approach can help to work on inner conflicts and edges to go further and develop inner harmony with outer events. For those of us that are more focused on our inner worlds but at times hope to bring them further into outer action, Process Work brings methods to create an organic completion of this process.                    
We would like to demonstrate Process Work skills and awareness methods to deepen and enhance your own path as a Taoist leader. We want to explore and learn together about how you have developed your own helpful ways of connecting inner and outer worlds, and use our understanding of Arnold Mindell's Process Work paradigm to show how you can make your own natural dreaming path a conscious one on which you can practice, develop and achieve your own mastery.

This seminar is meant for explorers, change agents, leaders and learners, coaches and facilitators. It expresses the Worldwork approach that considers all voices and roles in a system, - marginal and central - to hold valuable information. We hope and believe that assisting the roles and voices to interact and improve their relationships helps to create a more fun and imaginative world.

These days will focus on:
- The Quantum World, Aboriginal Wisdom, and Personal Development - Inner Work approaches for understanding, mediating and crossing your edges, the exciting discomfort area in which your new identity is developing.
- Leadership, Relationship and Team Challenges - How outer forces and obstacles can be changed through inner work.
- Your Inner Life and Time Spirits - Your biggest area of self-hate is also the most "un-worked-on" issue in public life.
Process Work
is Arnold Mindell's approach to find the meaning of disturbances and tensions in individuals, teams and organizations, and understand them as information that is part of the system yet not recognized, owned and used. Process Oriented Coaching and Facilitation discovers this meaning together with individuals and groups, relishes its beauty and applies it in organizational and lifestyle designs, teamwork solutions, community rejuvenation and creative designs of new visions and strategies. 



November 6 2015 06:00 PM
November 8 2015 09:00 PM


Moscow, Russia

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