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Hidden Structures and Natural Flow in Relationships – relationship myth, rank and superpositions


June 13 2014 - June 15 2014


Dr. Ellen Schupbach, Dr. Max Schupbach


Dr. Ellen Schupbach and Dr. Max Schupbach



The Deep Democracy Institute looks forward to present "Hidden Structures and Natural Flow in Relationships". We will study and discover how every relationship is telling its own timeless, mythic story with meaning and a gift for both the relationship partners, and the world around them.  


This seminar series will be given in several locations throughout the world during 2014-2015.  Modules can be taken in Nairobi, Amsterdam, Moscow, Kyiv, and San Francisco.  Please see our schedule for specific module locations and dates.


Our relationships - whether tumultuous, stagnant, full of potential, sources of bliss or abysses of despair - keep us busy in our private lives and consume time and energy during our work lives. Some relationships are gardens to grow in; others can be experienced as either joyful or burdensome responsibilities. However each relationship contains its own unique innate meaning and inherent change process which can be discovered to enrich  and resolve conflicts and tensions. Processwork shows how unintended communication, found in our dreams as well as in our conflicts and disagreements, follow a hidden structure. The waves, turbulences and currents are not the result of "wrong" behavior, but rather part of a natural flow created by the hidden river bed. This flow brings relief and resolution as well as creativity, rejuvenation, and new impulses for both relationship partners as well as their surrounding communities.  



Seminar language

english + russian

How much

please connect with the Kyiv organizers about the tuition


DDI Coordination Kyiv
Phone: +38044 389 0782 | +38050 331 0782


June 13 2014 06:00 PM
June 15 2014 09:00 PM


Kyiv, Ukraine

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