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Deep Democracy Coaching + Facilitation Series, 3: Teams, vision, and team relationships – Transitions, beginnings, endings


October 17 2014 - October 19 2014


Dr. Ellen Schupbach

We look very much forward to seeing you for our workshop on transitions, beginnings and endings, part of our "Teams, Visions, and Team Relationships" series. Whether you are in a relationship, part of a team or organization, a leader, a reporting manager, or all of the above - you know the pain, difficulty and complexity that appears in times of crisis. We look forward to study together critical moments in relationships and how to facilitate nourishing and rejuvenating beginnings, endings, and transitions.

Radical, transformative changes in our lives include death, divorce, separation, bankruptcy, downsizing, moving, and loss of resources.

Some of these situations seem to be caused or aided by an outer force majeure, while others by human error. This workshop shows deep democracy approaches to deal with crisis as it appears in our own lives, and in the teams and organizations that we are part of or lead. 

Daily Overview

Day 1: Crisis "Inter-Ventions"  

This day will present a deep democracy approach to crises transformation. This new method integrates conflict resolution, inner work for remaining centered, understanding and framing the transformative aspect of crises, process-oriented grief counseling, and working with moods (your own and the moods of others). We will show methods to lead and help yourself and others through periods of loss in personal, material, psychological, and/or spiritual aspects of life. We will focus on finding inner stability and an attitude out of which to use skills to steer yourself, your relationships, your family system, and your team and/or organization through difficult waters.

Day 2: Crisis "Pre-Ventions" 

This day looks at processes as they are emerging. The focus will be on learning to notice and understand unintended information as it occurs in first meetings, first dates and first team creation moments, as well as during hiring processes, moments of deepening commitments, promotions, etc. We will learn together how process awareness can replace  a more vague concept of "trust". We will work on these phenomenona as relationship issues and as team and organizational issues. During this day we will show tools to integrate a new team member into an existing team, as well as facilitate the integration. We will also study the complications that appear when expanding your team, and the decision making processes regarding what projects/teams/organizations are right for you. 

Day 3: "Post-Ventions" 

During this day, we will focus on the important phase of supporting groups, couples, families, and individuals in the aftermath of a crises. How can we use the learning that happened in a crisis for changing and deepening the life course, team course, and/or relationship course, and integrating it. Deep Democracy Post-Ventions bring a new process-oriented approach to working with trauma and pain, both individually, and within the team experience. How can we transform pain and use our learning to go beyond personal history and our low dreams, and discover the process to find natural healing and transformation. We would like to share our experiences and learnings over these last years about how to bring healing and transformation to people and communities that experience trauma. We would like to show methods to use the energies involved for new attitudes and deeper directions, and finally to find happiness through this learning and rediscovery of inner wholeness, both as individuals and as teams.


Crisis points include: divorce, experiences of betrayal, shame, bankruptcy, partners becoming opponents, back stabbing, competition, selling out to competition, overcoming competition, etc. - Pandora's Box, in other words.

Seminar language

english + russian


DDI Coordination Kyiv
Phone: +38044 389 0782 | +38050 331 0782


October 17 2014 06:00 PM
October 19 2014 09:00 PM


Kyiv, Ukraine

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