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We are enjoying the 3rd year of our Facilitation, Leadership, and Coaching Training in the Ukraine. The focus of this year is on Organizational Transformation. The second module on Evolutionary Leadership in Business will take place in Kyiv, March 25-27, 2011. In the process of developing this training, we have enjoyed many discussions with our Ukrainian colleagues, Maria Makukha, Oleg Mironov, Anton Ermolenko, Yuliya Filippovska and Vyacheslav Gusev around the need for an awareness-based leadership training in the Ukraine, and the possibility of learning how the psychology of the individual leader, the national culture and history and the mounting pressure of accelerating globalization can all be addressed in a single program. Our course  includes organizational and business development units as key elements. We began the first Module of Year 1 on May 9th, 2007 in Kyiv, and the program is continuing to evolve and grow in exciting ways. 


Information on the DDI 3 Year Ukraine Program:

In Ukrainian: 3 Year Leadership Program Ukraine

In Russian: 3 Year Leadership Program Ukraine

In English: 3 Leadership Program Ukraine
Multi Language: 3 Year Leadership Program Ukraine


Information on the DDI 3 Evolutionary Leadership Program:

In Ukrainian: Year 3 Evolutionary Leadership

In Russian: Year 3 Evolutionary Leadership

In English: Year 3 Evolutionary Leadership



Kyiv Mohyla Business School

Check out this interview by the Kyiv Mohyla Business School of DDII co-founders Max and Ellen Schupbach talking about their organizational leadership training programs in WorldWork and Deep Democracy.


Click to download information about DDI Ukraine at Kyiv Mohyla Business School as a PDF


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