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Open Sesame: The Process at the Edge


April 19 2019 - April 21 2019


Dr. Ellen Schupbach, Dr. Max Schupbach

The Micromechanics of Change - Working with Fear of the Unknown and Addiction to the Status Quo

Come and co-create an exploration and training space to learn together how to expand the individual and cultural boundaries of your own identity, to coach others on their edges, and to use Deep Democracy facilitation with teams and organizations at the edge - looking for the courage to venture on the journey of change.

Our identities, individual and collective, act like prisons, limiting our freedom to recognize and co-create change. The prison walls are made of past hurtful experiences, inner critics whose comments are meant to keep us in check. They are held up by a trancelike acceptance of what "common sense" considers possible and normal, habits that we know we should shed, and expectations of others about how we should behave. 

Working at the Edge is a science and art central to Process Work that assists to discover your own brand of courage, faith, and temperament to understand and cross your edges and take your deepest experiences seriously, change yourself and change your life. This is not only the pathway for an inspiring journey and a fulfilling life, but also the foundation to understand your client's reluctance to change, and the ground on which you can stand to face "head on" the difficulties in your community and facilitate solutions. 

We will demonstrate and practice the complex, precise experiences of individuals, teams and organizations at the edge - the limen where "who you are" is about to become "who you were" - and the skills and attitudes to facilitate this change and to implement it as a new reality. Your dreaming reality, the experiences beyond the edge, is unpredictable and magic. It is the "Open Sesame" that breathes new life into your perspectives, rejuvenates teams and transforms organizations.We look forward to an intensive, interactive, practice focused learning lab that will include experiential work in pairs, theoretical framing, and interactive discussion. This seminar will also include group process. The workshop is for all who are interested in change and the power of awareness for themselves, their clients and/or their communities. We will practice together inner work with our own processes, and facilitating individuals and groups at the edge of change. 

* If you are new to process work, we will send you a link to more detailed information upon registration. 

** For students and practitioners, expect detailed, innovative approaches to dance and flow in your edgework.

Seminar language

English, Ukrainian, Russian

How much

3500 UAH before February 20, 4350 UAH after February 20 for participants connected to the Ukrainian economy; and 350 USD for participants connected to the global economy


DDI Coordination Kyiv
Phone: +38044 389 0782 | +38050 331 0782


April 19 2019 10:00 AM
April 21 2019 01:00 PM


Kyiv, Ukraine

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