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Discovering the Clues a.k.a. Case Consultation


February 28 2020


Dr. Max Schupbach, Dr. Ellen Schupbach

Discovering the Clues – Slo Mo and Time Lapse discussions of cases


For leaders, facilitators and coaches with alchemist temperaments to support and guide the development of emerging processes of individuals, groups and organizations.

Slo mo and time lapse are terms out of film play. Slo mo is when we view the film at a much slower speed than the frames were taken, which allows a magnification of the process so we can see, feel and understand the clues that reveal the Process.

Time lapse is a way to get an overview of the larger processes because the passage of time in the film is portrayed at a much quicker pace than it was taken in “real time”. (Like the change of season in a 3 minute time-lapse representation)

In this seminar, you can bring your own situations and together with you we will slow down the viewing of the process to discover the clues - then show in time-lapse roleplay how these situations could be worked with considering your own process and facilitation style.

Supervision  and Case Consultation is open to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and skills of applying a Deep Democracy and Process Work approach in practice, one-on-one with a client and facilitation of groups and organizations and general cases that leaders find themselves in the middle of.


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100 Euro


Coordination European Programs
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone: +31 (10) 8928557


February 28 2020 03:00 PM
February 28 2020 07:00 PM


Amsterdam, NL - Community Center De Meevaart
Balistraat 48A,
1094 JN Amsterdam,


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