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My Life - Our Lives; The Alchemist’s Approach to Self Realization, Community Development and World Changes


March 13 2020 - March 15 2020


Dr. Ellen Schupbach, Dr. Max Schupbach

Join us to discover the alchemical methods of Process Work to re-discover and realize your unique life path, and how to live it/dance it in connection + collaboration with the systems and world around you.

During these days, we will show new methods of connecting to your life-myth,  the concept of a journey principle to travel through life. You will learn how to work with rhythmic aspects of it and how to discover your unique perspectives, which carry the secrets of your gifts for your community and the world around you.


This seminar has 3 focus points:

·      Your personal journey: an alchemical process of finding the preciousness of your life journey and the gifts for the world that it contains

·      Tools and attitudes that deepen your coaching and facilitation skills, and enhance your leadership and impact

·      Development of new projects that are carried by your natural force, or deepening of existing ones that you struggle with





Seminar language

English with Russian translation


Coordination Russia


March 13 2020 10:00 AM
March 15 2020 01:00 PM


Moscow, Russia

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