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Discovering our Evolution - Co-Creating our Future ! Awareness, Unity and Eldership Annual 10 Day Intensive - Cairo, Egypt


October 5 2018 - October 14 2018


Dr. Ellen Schupbach, Dr. Max Schupbach, Dr. Ruth Weyermann, Dr. Josef Helbling, Anna Gabryjelska-Basiuk, Elsa Henderson, Dr. Gill Emslie, Dr. Xenia Kuleshova, Dr. Julia Wolfson, Dr. Nader Shabahangi, Yuliya Filippovska

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We are excited to invite you to our first Intensive in the Middle East - and in Egypt, with its historical role in human evolution !

Come and discover together the natural flow of evolution hidden behind polarizations and conflicts. Learn to use your eldership, the ability to hold and facilitate hotspots and co-create natural dialogue spaces by developing a deep understanding of the processes of diverse, often highly polarized parties. Practice using your awareness to notice and frame the natural occurrence of unity present in every system, understand different phases in short- and long-term consensus forming processes, and work with groups in each of these phases.

The personal development of the facilitator receives the same amount of focus in our Intensives as does the practice of group facilitation. Fluidity in your inner work and accuracy in your group work are closely connected prerequisites for impactful facilitation and leadership. Eldership, your personal development in relationship to the whole, and Deep Democracy practices, the discovery and facilitation of hidden force lines that organize communities - and conflicts - can be learned as a standalone approach for coaching, facilitation and leadership, or as an addition and enhancement to your own facilitation and leadership approach.

Join over 100 co-learners from every continent for our annual 10-day Intensive, this year in Cairo, Egypt. 

Topics of the Day

Day 1: The Paradigm 

Personal and community development, timespirits and culture. New deep aspects of worldwork theory and how to coach and facilitate beyond personal history and cultural identities, which is the key to understanding multi-stakeholder diverse groups. We show new interventions to coach in environments where coaching is new. Awareness of spiritual rank and privilege !

Also: Configuration of small groups and learning triads

Day 2: Inner Work and Inner Conflicts 

Personal myth revisited; your facilitator/leader DNA – developing your natural talents and gifts. Unfold tacit knowledge based on personal "dreaming" and gifts/wisdom from your culture.

Inner and outer opponents, awareness and the positive side of “unconsciousness”. Dropping Personal History: Introduction of concepts to deal with personal history and trauma from psychology, complex system approaches, spiritual belief systems including indigenous cosmologies, inner work and coaching interventions. Internalized rank and privilege processes.

Day 3: Relationships and Eldership

Discovering entanglement in information structures of your relationships: a fresh look at double signals, power games, coalition building, third parties, etc. Interventions to work with individual relationships and relationships in teams including your own. Conflict phases. Working with anger, revenge, and communication breakdown. Facilitating separation, grief and loss and the role of support systems. Shifting levels from intra-personal to relationship, relationship to community, and community to the world. Rank and privileges and eldership in team and relationship work !

Day 4: Health, Lifestyle and Community: Unfolding Body symptoms, Facilitating Collective Health Issues.

Collective health issues in organizations as powerful gateways to organizational development. Health, self-care, and leadership. Your health is a personal dreaming process and a community process. Behind these issues is your personal awareness process about how life, death and the here and now connect in your momentary state of mind - A powerful tool if you or your client is facing crisis or generally big changes and decisions. Rank and privilege in health and health policies.

Day 5: Summarizing your Learning Journey, Midpoint Review

Working in your learning triad; Show and tell of new approaches you have learned; Preparing learning journey. Mid-Point review of intensive. Group process of participants and facilitators. Rank and privilege in Intensive, small groups and learning triads.

The afternoon is free, and there will be several options for participants, including sight seeing groups, group entertainment, or introversion ! 

Day 6: Nature, Earth, and Creativity

Earth based psychology, "walkabouts"(following your dreaming), the power of nature, ESP, intuition, “miracles” and your life as one of nature’s songs and dances. Natural intuition and modern science. Use your ESP talents in your work. Exercises that help to build confidence in using your irrational insights as additional tools to analyze intervention designs.

Day 7: Process Oriented Consulting

From problem to design to execution to results to evaluation ! We will show how to use Worldwork/Deep Democracy to break down the  most complex change management situations and project challenges, and create innovative, out of the box designs that guarantee  results.

Day 8: Creativity, Movement, Music, and Community Building: the timeless essence of group process.

Group atmosphere, organizational moods, optimism, anxiety, the sense of going forward, inspiration, etc., are crucial in community development and leadership transformation. We practice noticing these changes and further develop them through non-consensual interventions. Instead of just making a party, turn mood changes into meaningful celebrations that contain messages that can be remembered and used for personal and organizational growth.

Day 9: Advanced Group Facilitation in Crises

Facilitating highly complex groups with multiple, diverse stakeholders and opposing agendas; Intersectionality (competing rank systems), factionalizing, team splitting. Centeredness: Learn to think and act as an individual and as a team when you are under fire. We will share our learning from our work in war zones and highly contentious environments where the stakeholders don't even agree to the goal of finding resolutions.

Day 10: The Leader as a Martial Artist

Arnold Mindell’s “Leader as a Martial Artist” (1992), introduced for the first time Deep Democracy as the core concept of collective processes. Martial arts were developed in many cultures as personal and collective holistic systems of self-defense and mental and spiritual development, as well as for entertainment and the preservation of a nation’s cultural heritage. They often included complex health systems and an understanding of the importance of an ongoing meditation focus that becomes a way of life that can be lived in every situation, however inwardly and/or outwardly adverse, complementing a meditation practice that prescribes a monastic lifestyle isolated from the world.

During this last morning, you will have a chance to frame and celebrate your personal leadership learning and style as a martial art, and facilitate the graduation of your learning triad amongst yourselves!



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Seminar language

English with headset translation into Arabic, Russian and Thai

How much

1550 Euro - Inquire about our extensive scholarship program !


Intensive Coordination
Phone: +31 (10) 8928557
Fax: skype: intensive-ddi


October 5 2018 10:00 AM
October 14 2018 01:00 PM


Cairo, Egypt - Greek Campus
Tahrir Gate بوابة التحرير:
171 Tahrir St., Bab El Louk, Cairo
رقم 171 شارع التحرير، باب اللوق


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