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Kiss the Frog - Transforming Challenges and Obstacles


February 28 2015 - March 1 2015


Dr. Max Schupbach, Dr. Ellen Schupbach

Kiss the Frog - Transforming Challenges and Obstacles - The Deep Democracy Facilitator and Coach as a Mystic

Learn and experience how using your own subtle altered states that occur naturally induces a change in your everyday perspective and identity and transforms the obstacles and challenges between you and your goals. Obstacles may be relationship and team conflicts, lacking response from the worlds that we play and work in,  investors who don't follow the vision of the creative entrepreneur, or a persisting issue that recycles in your community or grassroots movement. The Deep Democracy approach reveals the secret in the problem and transforms it into a healing elixir.

Deep Democracy and Process Work is Arnold Mindell's complex, comprehensive approach that brings together modern psychology, non-linear dynamics and quantum physics to discover the wisdom of the “system mind”, the organizing principle behind our everyday logic reality. This seminar is meant for those of us who consider ourselves modern mystics, seeing obstacles and challenges in our personal and professional lives as opportunities to understand ourselves and the deeper meaning of the worlds around us. As modern mystics, we want to practice this approach in our lives amidst our communities, be they corporations, families, grassroots movements, sustainable farming groups or high tech start ups. We use it to facilitate large groups, to coach individuals and teams and to help resolve conflicts on various levels.

Join us for 2 days together to discover how the obstacles that we meet along our paths can hold the key for a new way forward. These days will include:

-experiential work in pairs, in which you can work with your own personal projects and visions

-individual demonstrations with participants within a fishbowl setting

-group work to process collective edges in our creative lives

This workshop is meant for seekers of all kinds: business people, artists, government workers, social activists, and hermits.

This seminar will also be held in Amsterdam, Nairobi, Kyiv, and Moscow.

It is the first of this year’s series of 3 seminars. Our next 2 seminars will address: The Deep Democracy Facilitator and Coach as a Modern Scientist and The Deep Democracy Facilitator and Coach as an Artist.

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