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Know Your Self(ie) – Love Your Self


November 1 2019 - November 3 2019


Dr. Max Schupbach, Dr. Beatrice Leone


Self Expression at the Interface of our Inner Lives and Outer Challenges and Expectations

Know Your Self(ie) – Love Your Self

Join us for 3 days of self-discovery, personal power hunting and creative self-expression beyond the collective tyranny of role expectations. Learn to appreciate your inner diversity and find new creative ways to discover your political agency, your innate unique individual leadership talents and how to love and live them in the face of role expectations regarding your gender, age, ethnicity, family roles, community identities, etc. THEN use your newly gained self-knowledge to create fresh spaces in the way you love yourself and care for yourself, and EXPRESS yourself and CREATE NEW SPACES for yourself.

This seminar starts out with studying playfully the “selfie” craze as a creative way to get to know parts of ourselves that we didn’t know we had and form new relationships with intended and unintended expressions of ourselves. Our outer style can powerful support when facing illness, lack of resources, challenging obstancles and even death. We will demonstrate how in your present style are unintended emerging dreaming parts, that we can understand more deeply to foster and support them as the gifts that they truly are.

Traditionally, communities around the globe have used ornaments like clothes styles, body painting, scarification, beadwork, jewelry, animal and plant parts, etc. to mark their identity and status, to point out achievements, celebrate and mourn, and also express their own individuality, power and gifts. These ornaments were meant as a celebration of one’s personal artistic expression as a well as a shield against the challenges of opposing forces in life. Also today, our outer style, how we appear in public, contains unintended individual creative messages, hinting artistically at unconventional parts, hidden talents and world changing messages.
Though what at times can seem like a superficial interest in one’s appearance is a treasure trove of dreaming, a doorway to marginalized parts forgotten or just emerging, an entry door to renewed and deepened self-love and self-expression.

The three day seminar combines small group work on your life, work and relationship style, and large group work where we will learn together how our deep individual dreaming can find creative expressions in the confinements of our everyday lives.

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Professionals: KSH 35,000 Grassroots Activists: KSH 9,500 Students: 2,600 Foreign Visitors US $ 400


Husna Said + Flavia Wanja
Phone: +254 726 944 200 or +254 704 717 314


November 1 2019 10:00 AM
November 3 2019 01:00 PM


Lenana House Conference Center - Lavington, Nairobi

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