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Seeking Beauty: The Facilitator and Coach as an Artist


May 30 2015 - June 1 2015


Dr. Ellen Schupbach, Dr. Max Schupbach

Who is the Deep Democracy coach and facilitator as an artist? The one who sees her or his work as a creative artistic collaboration in which energies and experiences are framed and expressed in imaginative and innovative ways. The one who assists individuals and groups to unfold their impressions to become images - images to become stories - stories to become songs - and songs to become dances, literally or symbolically. With the support of the facilitator, images, stories, songs and dances give rise to creative impulses, new visions, extraordinary ideas and designs that individuals, teams and organizations will bring to life and into everyday reality in the integration of their work.  


These Days will Focus on: 


Your Inner Life on Stage 

Co-produced with the Process Mind, co-directed by your Dream-maker, and co-starring your friends and enemies, fairytale figures and dreamland acquaintances (and yes, a few strangers :-)!). Learn new ways of showing and interacting with the energies that organize your inner life and your dreams.


Teams and Relationships: Painting the Invisible Spaces

Learn new ways of expressing the information in the spaces between people and roles to bring out their colors and depth, and re-discover their creative force.


Group Work as an Artistic Approach: Orchestrating the Organizational Symphony

Learn new ways of playing with tensions and impulses as well as central and marginal work and life-styles in teams and organizations. Jam session or philharmonic concert, cacophony or nocturne - these group facilitation tools and attitudes will help you follow rhythmic aspects in groups, and bring out the lyrics, melody and deepest meaning of the songs we call organizations.


Process Work is Arnold Mindell's approach to find the meaning of disturbances and tensions in individuals, teams and organizations, and understand them as information that is part of the system yet not recognized, owned and used. Process Oriented Coaching and Facilitation discovers this meaning together with individuals and groups, relishes its beauty and applies it in organizational and lifestyle designs, teamwork solutions, community rejuvenation and creative designs of new visions and strategies. 


Join us for a training weekend with the opportunity to: 

  • discover your own facilitation artist co-seeking inherent beauty and power in individuals, teams and organizations.
  • learn methods to find the creative artistic processes in groups and individuals, and how to support and forward new life-style designs, new learning space designs and new creative directions. 
  • understand how nature is an artist and the universe is poetic; our troubles and successes belong on the stage, on the canvas, and in the songs and dances of creative expressions.


You will not have the opportunity to:

  • complain that you are not creative and that you are untalented! - we work with inherent processes that are different for everyone, yet present in all of us! 
  • regret that you can't paint or sing; it's not a workshop for this, but to find deeper understanding about how we are all singers, dancers and musicians, though we may never have actually voiced a song, or moved the physical body. 
  • avoid other enthusiasts who understand that power, truth, and the divine are at the core of all change processes, beautiful in their depths and looking to be discovered and celebrated by us!

This seminar will also be held in Amsterdam, Nairobi, Kyiv, and Moscow. 

It is the second of this year's series of 3 seminars. 

  1. The Deep Democracy Facilitator as a Mystic
  2. The Deep Democracy Facilitator as an Artist
  3. The Deep Democracy Facilitator as Scientist


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May 30 2015 06:00 PM
June 1 2015 12:00 AM


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