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Deep Democracy Workshop – The Magic of Basics


December 7 2018 - December 9 2018


Dr. Ruth Weyermann, Dr. Josef Helbling

The Magic of Basics

Working with what unsettles you (which we call “x-energy”) in all areas of your life: at home, at work, when leading or facilitating and in relationships.


Dr. Ruth Weyermann, Dr. Josef Helbling

The “Basics” of process work, which we refer to in the title include:

* noticing, valuing, carefully differentiating and sorting our sensations and experiences,
* recognising those which are closer to our awareness, where we tend to feel more in control
* as well as those further from our awareness, which we may feel happened “to us,” were unintended.

In this seminar we will seek to explore these phenomena and to get closer to understanding the “process” or organising principle behind their interaction. 

We hope to share the inspiring and surprising changes and developments in everyday life, in relationships, in working life and in the community which we ourselves have enjoyed while studying process work.

Day 1: Recognising and picking up the “x-energy” in our inner lives:

Arnold Mindell writes: “Everyone wants to get beyond pain, everyone fears egotism and compulsion, and everyone desires peace from ambition. Yet I have often seen that the greatest changes occur when the troublesome parts of the personality are allowed to express themselves, truly to unfold with the appreciation of consciousness.” 

These “troublesome parts” that he refers to, we understand as expressions of the “x-energy”. We will research how it typically appears, its characteristics and its qualities. 

For each of our sensory “channels” (visual, auditory, proprioceptive and movement channels) we offer specific techniques to recognise the unintended unsettling energy and to offer room for it to unfold. 

Day 2:  The “x-energy” in relationships and groups:

In our relationships we may perhaps experience specific aspects of our partners, neighbours, relatives or team-colleagues as strange and unsettling, whereas other aspects we might admire and find irresistible. Both are processes further from our awareness and our identity and may be understood as expressions of the “x-energy”.

Day 3:  Integration: 

How will our normal self, which we call “u energy” cope with this unsettling “x energy” in everyday life ? Seeking ways to extend our repertoire in the eternal dance between “u” and “x” energies, between our current identity and its future options. 

We will offer time within the seminar for those wanting to bring cases from their own practices or from team-coaching to examine how “x-energy” dynamics might be at work there too, to develop appropriate intervention strategies and a deeper appreciation of the field.


Seminar language

English, Ukrainian, Russian

How much

3500 UAH before Nov 23, 4200 UAH after Nov 23 for participants connected to the Ukrainian economy; and 350 USD for participants connected to the global economy


DDI Coordination Kyiv
Phone: +38044 389 0782 | +38050 331 0782


December 7 2018 10:00 AM
December 9 2018 01:00 PM


Kyiv, Ukraine

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