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Relationships: Leveraging Culture, Diversity, and Leadership


November 16 2018 - November 18 2018


Dr. Max Schupbach

The purpose of this seminar is to introduce the Deep Democracy and Process Work approach to improve personal relationships across hierarchies, organizational boundaries and diverse communities with your team members, partners and clients. 

The importance of relationships as well as the complexity of the different cultural perspectives involved in them is easily underestimated in a result focused, fast moving world. Individual relationships today are crucial in teamwork, project leadership, and organizational development. Unresolved relationship issues at work are big stress factors that affect your mental and physical health.

Good – or better – great relationships are fundamental for professional development, the success of projects and teams, and the impact your work has in the world around you.

Every person and every relationship is unique, and important. Bringing this reality together with your leadership, global vision, and long-term goals is a complex task. This workshop shows and demonstrates how to work with the intersection between personal relationships and various cultural systems; how oppression and marginalization on a cultural level play out in individual relationships, and how your own leadership challenges provide a learning path in that area.

Day 1: Rank, Privilege and Diversity in Teams and Relationships

We will work on relationships in teams and organizations across organizational hierarchies (up and down), in the context of social justice issues (-isms !), and in diverse cultural relationship paradigms. Learn new tools to create great relationships, find new solutions around rank issues and discover the inner balance to support yourself and the whole system in developing eldership and detachment.

Day 2: The Magic in Relationships

Facilitate unintended communication to discover the unique magic in each and every relationship, and the natural creativity inherent in each relationship tension; find unity beyond power structures.

Day 3: Conflict and Culture

Rank, conflict resolution and cultural diversity. Learn approaches from Deep Democracy Communication Theory to resolve personal conflicts in diverse teams.

I look forward to learning with you. Please bring your practical relationship issues, your team members, your partner - or work on these issues with a peer participant in a dyad. There will be space within the workshop setting for discussion about situations at your workplace or at home.



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November 16 2018 03:00 PM
November 18 2018 01:00 PM


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