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Deep Democracy in Action: Deep Democracy and Processwork with Individuals, Teams, and Large Groups


March 11 2016 - March 13 2016


Dr. Ellen Schupbach, Dr. Max Schupbach

Deep Democracy, developed by Arnold Mindell and research team, is a global leadership approach to work with individuals, teams, and organizations. We facilitate one-on-one sessions and small teams to large groups of over 1,000 people. Based on insights from modern physics, complexity theory, psychology, and anthropology, Deep Democracy sees the polarizations that are present in society and the world at large mirrored in our inner conflicts, and also in our relationships and team issues (in families and organizations). Deep Democracy coaching and facilitation makes these hidden structures visible, discovering their meaning and bringing forth innovative and unexpected solutions.

Join us for this introductory workshop where we will study, demonstrate and experience deep democracy in action for inner work, relationship and teamwork, and large group work. There will be opportunities to work on your own personal path and inner conflicts in pair exercises and individual demonstrations, to practice teamwork in small groups, and to experience large group facilitation using our own group as an ad-hoc community.  


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290 Euro (inquire about scholarships)


Paris Coordinator
Phone: +33970445413


March 11 2016 11:00 PM
March 13 2016 08:00 PM


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