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Deep Democracy Leadership For Individuals, Communities, Businesses and Governments


October 27 2017 - October 29 2017


Dr. Ellen Schupbach, Dr. Max Schupbach

A Training/Learning Laboratory for Impactful Leadership within your Own Group, while Enhancing Relationships with other Groups 

Dear Birmingham friends, community leaders, business owners, government officials, and politicians !

We are excited to invite you for a training/learning experience. This laboratory has been co-created by BRAP, a charity that aims to transform the way we think about and do equality in the UK and the Deep Democracy Institute, an international think tank active in USA, Europe, East Africa, Ukraine, Russia and Asia.

Deep Democracy is a collaborative, multi-stakeholder approach in which individual and professional development, community development, and fresh, candid dialogue between ALL stakeholders in our society is considered a comprehensive change process led by everyone. This approach offers a fresh and new perspective to responding to longstanding challenges and has been used successfully across the world to build understanding and relationships within communities, organisations and businesses. Originally developed for facilitating conflicts in war zones, where  the parties don't agree on the use of negotiation or mediation, it is now used for working on community tensions, and cross-organizational relationships. An important aspect of Deep Democracy are its innovate personal development tools, allowing individuals to mentor themselves and others in crises situations.

This training/learning lab introduces new leadership approaches for facilitating public discussions, inter-organizational dialogue and organization, and personal skills to enhance your leadership inside your own world, and across what, at times, appears to be a chasm between the various worlds within our city. 

You will learn, experience, and try out:

-this facilitation model for multi-stakeholder dialogue, learn new communication approaches across organizational, ethnic, and class divisions.
- effective conflict resolution methods in one-to-one relationships and teams
- working with rank differences in teams and organizations: how to make your leadership more impactful in BME communities - government services - BME businesses, as well as rank differences within your own team and organization. 
- Deep Democracy Mentorship: How to work with yourself, and how to mentor others to stay cool and centered in the midst of the rapids of change. 


The format is interactive, including mini-presentations, personal reflection, large group process, and relationship work in pairs. 
It is a hybrid event between training and learning new approaches while at the same time practicing and experimenting with it to adapt them to your own situation and personal and cultural values. We encourage people to have fun whilst also helping people to think creatively about how they could apply their learning in their own lives and organisations.

Dates and times

27th October 10am-5pm
28th October 10am-5pm
29th October 10am-1pm


How much



BRAP and DDI seminar registrations
Clayton Hotel, (formerly Hotel La Tour) Albert Street Birmingham

Phone: +44 121 272 8451 or +31 10 8928557


October 27 2017 10:00 AM
October 29 2017 01:00 PM


Clayton Hotel Birmingham (formerly Hotel La Tour)
Albert Street, Birmingham B5 5JT

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