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Crises, Conflicts, Change and Creativity - Deep Democracy Intensive 2016

Seminar, Lecture, Open Town Forum, Private Coaching Practice, Conference, Intensive

September 30 2016 - October 9 2016


Dr. Ruth Weyermann, Dr. Josef Helbling, Dr. Max Schupbach, Dr. Ellen Schupbach

During this 10 Day Intensive Course with participants from all over the globe, we will focus on life as an everyday practice from the perspective of deep democracy facilitation. We look forward to study crucial aspects; attitude, mood, long term personal goals and long term professional goals, as well as categories and boundaries between them, and how over time these apparently separate aspects seem to magically come together in your childhood dream and mythic path. Our theme this year - Crisis, Conflicts, Change and Creativity - will address our lives at the personal, relationship, community and world levels. We will discover through experiential work and learning how all of these levels are intertwined and inter-connected - within our own individual lives, and between all of us. We look forward to work individually and together to discover new ways of co-existing, addressing collective and individual crises with the hope to co-create an inspiring future that includes and celebrates the diversity inside each of us and around all of us.

Themes: In approaching this topic we look forward to learn, teach, study and practice new deep democracy approaches and attitudes to:

Body Politics - working with our body experiences, including the concepts of nutrition, health, sexuality, exercise-sports, age, culture, rehabilitation, illness, fitness. We also look forward to address some of the "isms" associated with our physical body experiences in relation to the collective.

Relationship Politics - our inter-relationships with one another in regard to culture, gender, personal history - discovering through interaction and inner-work what we have inherited from our surroundings and how we interact and pass on our heritages in relationship, for better or for worse. Learning how we affect and are affected by one-another, to hopefully discover new ways together.

Community Politics - the inter-lapping on all levels of our personal selves in collective experiences of teams, groups, and organizations - how can we learn and grow together and separately, relishing the tensions and attractions that we share in our collective lives. How do communities affect each of us in terms of our personal health and relationships, and how do our relationships with ourselves and one another co-create our communities.

World Politics - The world in all it's diversity - how can we live and grow together, with the complexity of our human personalities, inner and outer relationships, and finally across nations!

Daily Themes: Daily themes will be centered on the above topics, and will be specifically determined by a collaborative process of the group as the days proceed. 

Course Format: This is a full immersion learning experience including linear, theoretical learning in mini lecture style, inner work and personal development in dyads, and group facilitation practice with other learners. Daily tutorials will be held for individuals that would like further study of the process work paradigm.

Special daily focus will be placed on your own project development and implementation, and how to apply what you learn to your situation “back home.” This will interweave organically within the format of large and small group processes.

*** There will be opportunities for individual coaching, case presentation, and case studies.




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1350 Euro


Coordination European Programs
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone: +31 (10) 8928557


September 30 2016 06:00 PM
October 9 2016 09:00 PM


Villa Elisabeth, Invalidenstraße 3, Berlin
Villa Elisabeth
Invalidenstraße 3
10115 Berlin


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