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Process Work with Body Symptoms


February 26 2016 - February 28 2016


Dr. Ruth Weyermann, Dr. Josef Helbling

A Training Seminar: 26th - 28th February 2016


Dr. Ruth Weyermann, Dr. Josef Helbling

Aimed primarily at students of the Deep Democracy Institute, coaches and other professionals working in medical and social services, this seminar is also open to all learners interested in applying a process-oriented approach to understanding their own symptoms as well as those of others. It will include basic and advanced theoretical presentations, experiential work in pairs, time for individual inner work as well as opportunities for supervision within a fish-bowl setting. 

We will focus on: 

  • Awareness - of the enormous variety of our body experiences, how we perceive them and how we differentiate them into disavowed, “symptom” energies and those experiences with which we are more familiar.
  • Learning and practicing - a variety of ways to access the sensory-grounded experiences of these symptoms and to amplify the experience as a way to discover meaning within.
  • Recognising, picking up and using - the disavowed symptom energy for ones own personal and collective growth.
  • Rainbow medicine - A term we use to mean a place from which the broadest spectrum of medical paradigms and methods, as well as concepts of sickness, health and healing can all be valued as contributing to a bigger picture.


Process Work 
is Arnold Mindell's approach to working with disturbance and tension: 

Whether in individuals, in groups, in organisations or in the wider collective as a whole, these disturbances are understood as information that is a part of the system, not yet recognised and picked up usefully. When approached and unfolded with curiosity and respect, their profound meaningfulness for the whole can be picked up and integrated. 

On an individual level, disturbance and tension often appear as acute and chronic body symptoms. It is advanced tools for a deeper processing of these symptoms that we look forward to bringing in February.

Seminar language

English with Russian translation

How much

15 000 Rubles (please inquire regarding scholarships)


Coordination Russia


February 26 2016 06:00 PM
February 28 2016 09:00 PM


Moscow City

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