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I AM U – and X: Essence of Deep Democracy


November 11 2011 - November 14 2011


Dr. Ellen Schupbach, Dr. Max Schupbach

Amsterdam, Netherlands



Process Work methodologies can coach individuals, resolve conflicts, enrich relationships, and facilitate group processes of up to a 1000 people. In this seminar, we get to the core of it: to frame, unfold, and facilitate X—all the forces and experiences that appear as disturbances - for individuals and groups. We will discover how these experiences can enhance U energies, the aspects of life that we easily flow with . . . and we will discover and work with “Processmind”, the unifying principle behind it all. Process is the concept that helps us to understand how these energies dance together—inside of us, in our teams, and in our organizations. Process-oriented Facilitation helps us to discover, use and enjoy the creative multidimensional worlds in which we live, bringing new solutions to seemingly insurmountable issues, and movement to stagnation.

In this seminar you will learn how to unfold your own inner Process, how to resolve one-on-one conflicts, and how to intervene in a large group process. At the same time, you will be immersed into a richly fascinating and exciting paradigm that brings concepts of modern physics, aboriginal wisdom and cosmology, and transpersonal psychology into a single coherent, consistent framework.

This seminar is recommended for people who would like discover Deep Democracy and Process Work, and for advanced students who would like to hone their skills and polish their attitudes.

It can be taken as a stand alone seminar, or as the first of the 4 module course “The 4 Steppingstones”. It can be integrated into one of the Process Work certification and/or diploma courses offered by the Deep Democracy Institute, which will allow you to discover Process Work as an awareness path that links personal growth to professional growth and leadership in organizations, business, art, politics, social change, and relationships.


Drs. Max and Ellen Schupbach


Max, together with Arnold and Amy Mindell and colleagues, is one of the co-founders of Processwork. Ellen is the Executive Director of the Deep Democracy Institute, a thinktank with branches in San Francisco, Nairobi, Palestine, Ukraine, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Germany, Moscow, the Ural, Kazakhstan, Brazil and Ecuador. Max and Ellen co-founded the Deep Democracy Institute. They have together and individually facilitated on five continents, and are sought after keynote speakers in conferences on leadership, psychology and future design. They facilitate open forums of up to 1,000 participants for the public and in organizations.

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How much

590 Euro, please inquire for special rates for participants who take all four seminars of the "4 Stepping Stones" Series. Enrolled DDI students 15 % off.


Coordination European Programs
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone: +31 (10) 8928557


November 11 2011 06:00 PM
November 14 2011 12:00 AM


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