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Give What you Have - Take What you Get! - Advanced Supervision Seminar, Kyiv


March 4 2016 - March 6 2016


Dr. Ellen Schupbach

This is a supervision and learning seminar for coaches, facilitators and leaders and everyone who views their activities on this earth also as a spiritual journey. There will be exercises to do in pairs, and opportunities for participants to work as coach or facilitator in a fishbowl setting to share learning and inspiration.

Give what you have! Special focus in this workshop is to find out what gifts you are already using as a coach and facilitator so you can celebrate those and give them with even more purpose (and therefore joy!).We will also study how to use signal awareness, senses, and process structure for orientation and direction as you work with individuals, pairs and groups.

Take what you get! - We will practice noticing signals and the emotional presence of the client, grabbing onto them and using them to show the way to discover the underlying process and flow. It's all right there!!

This will also be a group and personal research journey on the process of learning itself - looking forward to learning together about how we individually and as a group learn best. What does it mean to learn? What moods and attitudes support or hinder our learning processes? How do our relationships impact our learning and teaching?





DDI Coordination Kyiv
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March 4 2016 06:00 PM
March 6 2016 09:00 PM


Kyiv, Ukraine

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