Deep Democracy Institute

Overview of Our Vision

We hold the vision that the worldwide development of diverse and explicit leadership cultures and leadership disciplines is one of the key elements for sustainable local and global development.  

We view the Deep Democracy Institute as a think-tank and network that facilitates supports and implements leadership development initiatives for this purpose.

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Overview of Our Purpose

The Deep Democracy Institute provides worldwide diverse and multidimensional Leadership Training Programs. They are designed to teach skills and attitudes to unfold the potentials of organizations, teams and communities.

In order to achieve this, we teach leadership models which include expertise in deep democracy facilitation, organizational and personal development, coaching, leadership, conflict resolution, and self-management. We use an awareness based approach, which allows us to develop these programs in collaboration with the participants, based on their cultural beliefs, their organizational direction and/or their personal style.

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Overview of Our Strategy  

The Deep Democracy Institute teaches leadership models that include expertise in facilitation, organizational and personal development, coaching, conflict resolution, and self-management using awareness based leadership approach. We develop these programs in collaboration with the participants, based on their cultural beliefs, personal and organizational goals, and their personal learning styles.

Deep Democracy Institute's approach is based on the belief that leadership must assist organizations, communities, and individual members in discovering their natural potentials, unique beauty, and power. As a result of this process, individuals, communities, and organizations can access and use inherent strength, develop wholesome community experiences, and gain success on many levels, which results in more sustainable development.

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Our Events Policy

Refunds and Assumption of Risk

Thank you so much for your interest in our events. We appreciate that you take the time to read through this policy which applies for all of our events worldwide, including our sister organizations DDI Russia, DDI Ukraine, DDI Europe, DDI East Africa, DDI Central Asia, DDI USA and DDI South America

All seminars and events are subject to change. Although we do our best to minimize it, occasionally dates can change and events may be cancelled. If this occurs, we will fully refund your seminar fees. However, by signing up for any of our events, you agree to assume the risk of all other associated costs you may incur, including travel, lodging, and health expenses.

All of our events are educational experiences. If you have any doubts or concerns whether this event is for you, we encourage you to consult with your physician, therapist, or coach.

Your place in the seminar is guaranteed once the organizers have received your deposit, and the amount varies with each course. The deposit may be non-refundable. However, we will return a percentage of the deposit if your place can be filled. Please check with the course organizers for details.

If you are interested in certification to practice “Process Work” or “process oriented psychology” in any of its forms, please inquire with any of the formal training programs ( including our own programs ( You will receive a certificate of attendance upon completing our seminar. Please check with your own Process Work training group, whether they would credit it towards their formal Process Work study requirements.
We welcome participants of any race, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, or physical ability.

At least 10% of every class and seminar is open for scholarship and work-study options. Check with the specific course organizer for details.


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