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Leadership & Change, June 2015, the article by Marcella Bremer "Kiss the Frog - a Deep Democracy Workshop to Transform Challenges" based on the "Kiss the Frog" DDI seminar in Amsterdam in March 2015. Read it in PDF.

Today [Segodnya] Ukrainian Daily National Newspaper, June 2013, the interview with Dr. Max Schupbach: Ukraine could become the bridge between two worlds. Download the copy and read the rest of the article online

Radio-interview in Voices from the Edge program at, June 2012: Dr. Max Schupbach and Dr. Ellen Schupbach talk about how we can open up a deeper level of discourse that allows for dissent, action and community building. Listen to the interview online or access the audio-file [English]KBOO Community Radio is the volunteer-powered, non-commercial, listener-sponsored, full-strength community radio for Portland, Oregon, Cascadia & the World.

Connections Radio-program by Leilani Henry at, May 11, 2012, interviewing Ellen and Max Schupbach on the Deep Democracy Institute, Process Work and Open Forums. Listen to the program online or access the audio-file [English]KGNU is the independent, noncommercial, community radio station for Boulder, Denver and beyond.

Zdorovye (Health) Magazine, June 2012,, Article: Ellen Schupbach "Conflicts Are Simply a Signal the Changes are Needed". PDF [Russian] (Zdorovye is one of the most popular publications on health in Moscow, Russia)

InvestGazeta Business Magazine, April 2012, Article: What Are The Ghosts Silent About? Link to online article [Russian] (InvestGazeta is among top 3 business publications in Ukraine)

Svoi Business Magazine, January 2011, Interview with Max Schupbach: Three-Dimensional Democracy. PDF [Russian] (Svoi Business Magazine is the top magazine for business owners in Russia and Kazakhstan)

Kadrovyi Management Magazine, January 2011, Interview with Max Schupbach: Dreams Come True: Leadership as a Lifestyle. PDF [Russian] (Kadrovyi Management Magazine is the leading HR magazine in Russia)

Dorogoy Magazine, February 2011, Interview with Max Schupbach: In a Source of Business River. PDF [Russian] (Dorogoi Magazine is among the top management magazines in Russia and Kazakhstan) 

BUSINESS Newspaper, April 2011, Video-report based on Business Cockpit meeting with Max and Ellen Schupbach in Kyiv. 14min video [English and Russian] (Business Newspaper is among top 3 best business publications in Ukraine)

BUSINESS Newspaper, April 2011, Interview with Max Schupbach: Deep Democracy as an Overarching Approach. PDF [Russian] (Business Newspaper is among top 3 best business publications in Ukraine)

JV (Live) online portal, April 2011, Article: Process-oriented Coaching with a Human Face. Link [Russian] (JV online portal is a famous multimedia resource on health and wellness in Russia)

JV (Live) online portal, April 2011, Review of the Deep Democracy Institute and Its Team. Link [Russian] (JV online portal is a famous multimedia resource on health and wellness in Russia)

Company Management Magazine, December 2010, Interview with Max Schupbach: Conflict Resolution Beyond Logic: When Strategy Doesn't Work. PDF [Russian] (Company Management Magazine is the top HR magazine in Ukraine)

Strategy Magazine, September 2010, Interview with Max Schupbach: Evolutionary Leadership. PDF [Russian] (Strategy Magazine is Ukraine's leading magazine of business strategies)

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