Upcoming Events in the Ukraine and Russia

   Dear friends  

We are all excited about our upcoming visit to the Ukraine and Russia. They are full of interesting learning events. Thank you to the most amazing teams of DDI Ukraine and DDI Russia with whom we conceptualized this visit. First we are in the Ukraine with several great events organized by the Deep Democracy Institute Ukraine.

First in Kyiv, we have an interview with a journalist of the "Company Management" Journal (Управление Компанией), one of the most read business journals in the Ukraine, on the role of Deep Democracy conflict resolution for business in general, and Ukrainian business in particular. On the following day, we are teaching a masterclass on psychology and leadership at the Taras Shevchenko University, Kyiv's largest university. In the late afternoon we will present for the first time "The Business Cockpit", a 1 1/2 hour event in which members of the Ukrainian Business community present their business challenges. In the spirit of the "business clinic", Ellen and Max will take the co-pilot seat, and together with the participant who is presenting the case, they will chart a new course for the business, using additional dimensions to show the economic, emergine and essential landscape. This event is a joint venture between DDI International and KMBS, The Kyiv Mohyla Business School is the largest and best known business school of Kyiv. This event is also sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Kyiv. The Ukrainian Business Channel, a Ukrainian television station, will be present to film the event. Subsequently, Max will join the TV Station for an interview on methods used to develop organizations from the Deep Democracy viewpoint. 

On November 12th, we look forward to our four day seminar, Organizational Transformation Through Evolutionary Leadership, in which we will introduce methods to show the multi-dimensionality of vision for individuals, teams and organizations. Most visions cannot unfold their full potential because they are one dimensional. As a result, they have no psychological power and do not motivate, nor can they be used as a basis for developing multi-dimensional strategies and action plans. We show methods for individuals and teams to discover these dimensions.

We are grateful for our most amazing Ukraine team Yuliya Flippovska, Maria Makukha and Anton Ermolenko for their amazing work. Thanks for an awesome job!!

In Moscow, we are presenting our first ever seminar in the newly founded Deep Democracy Institute Russia. Xenia Kuleshova, who has been active since her teens in citizen diplomacy and international relationships, has co-created with us an amazing program. We are starting out with a press and VIP conference with members of the Russian business community, followed by our 3 day seminar introducing our Deep Democracy Leadership program with coaching, group facilitation, and business and organizational development modules. We have an afternoon of interviews with various journalists and we are looking forward to have a film team present for our entire seminar to produce a first film on Deep Democracy Leadership. After the seminar, we will stay an extra day for interviews and comments from the filmmakers.

DDI Russia is a newcomer on the Processwork Training scene in Russia. Although Max gave the first Process Work seminar in Russia in 1983 at the University of Moscow with Professor Yulia Gippenreiter, none of the DDI trainers are currently involved in any of the other training programs. As a leadership institute, however, we value the importance of relationships with the wider psychological learning community, and in this spirit, offer a community evening for everyone who considers her or himself a learning member, whether or not she or he has taken only one seminar, or has studied for years.. This group process will go down in history! Facilitated by Max and Ellen and some Russian collegues, expect it to be wild and powerful.

These Russian and Ukrainian events are important for us. We are already thinking of our 2012 conference in Yalta, working on the relationships between the members of the Commomwealth of Independent States, the countries that were part of the Soviet Union, and our upcoming visits next year in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The Yalta Conference will bring leaders from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, from the Caucasus countries Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, and from Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia together. In case any of these events and ideas are stimulating to you, please contact us at info@deepdemocracyinstitute. Or find more information in Russian and Ukrainian at www.ddi.in.ua or www.deepdemocracy.ru

with best wishes
Max and Ellen Schupbach

Sunday, 07. November 2010

Re: Upcoming Events in the Ukraine and Russia

Wow, thanks for letting us know, that is a great program indeed

Sunday, 07. November 2010 • Mark •

Re: Upcoming Events in the Ukraine and Russia

Sunday, 07. November 2010 • •

Re: Upcoming Events in the Ukraine and Russia

Sunday, 07. November 2010 • •

Re: Upcoming Events in the Ukraine and Russia


What fantastic offerings! I wish I were there. It is so exciting that Max and Ellen are bring together principles and practices of deep democracy together with business, psychology, leadership, and organizational development. Wow!

Warm wishes to all,

Thursday, 11. November 2010 • Bill SAy • bsay@earthlink.netwww.corecommunity.com

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