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We have a new blog banner, as the frequent readers of this blog might notice. Sigurd Koeleman ( is the artist. Ellen and I, Max, ran into him a few months ago while strolling through the Amsterdam art scene and loved his work- and have become friends in the course of the whole adventure. For us, it brings the spontaneity of graffiti, the mixing of many parallel worlds, and the fun informal spirit that drives our team together. Thank you Sigurd for supporting the Deep Democracy Institute with your art. We really appreciate it. Check out his website, there is some great stuff there.


Monday, 16. August 2010

Re: New Blog Banner

Awesome. It's a great work. Always art gives what we can't convey by words and disscusions. I liked the idea a lot, and I think that it will help a lot.

Monday, 23. August 2010 • Ahmad Abadi •

Re: New Blog Banner

Monday, 23. August 2010 • •

Re: New Blog Banner

love it! Thanks to Sigurd and all the street artists who in the spirit of deep democracy remind us to look again and see more in our lives and each other and communities!

Wednesday, 25. August 2010 • Julia Wolfson •

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