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The Deep Democracy Institute focuses on bringing forward multi-dimensional leadership, change management, coaching and large group facilitation trainings. We also use a multi-dimensional approach for our Deep Democracy Organizational Design modules, Multi-dimensional Vision and Strategy Development, etc.

"Deep Democracy", a concept developed by Arnold Mindell in 1988, is a key concept in a new paradigm called Process Work. Deep Democracy refers to reformulation of the QM relationship between observer, observed event and method of observation by linking the "observer" from Quantum Mechanics to the process or awareness in psychology. Mindell introduces three awareness levels, which he calls consensus reality level, dreamland level, and essence level. By defining our experience of reality as a multi-dimensional process, in which all dimensions over time need to be included, he created a new paradigm that can be applied in all areas of life. 

In the 30 years since its formulation, Deep Democracy has crossed over and is being applied by many other groups and individuals, in addition to the professional Process Work community. Among them are well known politicians like Ralph Nader and Hillary Clinton. Many of these groups focus on one aspect of Deep Democracy, for example the idea that the "ruling" majority needs more relationship to the "ruled" minority, etc.

In the field of these groups, the Deep Democracy Institute International, headquartered in Portland, prides itself on being the one that is closest to the complete, original concepts, applying them in areas of collective and individual transformation. We belong to IAPOP the worldwide community of Deep Democracy practitioners, who like us are interested in researching, studying and applying these original concepts, and have undergone a rigorous IAPOP affiliated training.

We very much appreciate the various spinoffs, and look forward to connecting and working with more of them.

For more information on the concepts and networks, please read the full article below.

The Deep Democracy Institute, Portland, OR, USA: Who Are We?

Founded in 2006 as a think tank and educational institute that researches and teaches Deep Democracy worldwide, DDI’s first vision was to connect to global communities that historically have less access to cutting edge theories and training in the areas of collective and individual transformation. Growing out of the Process Work learning community in Portland Oregon, the Deep Democracy Institute has developed an international training program with many specializations in the USA and Europe as well as in the Ukraine, Palestine, Russia, and East Africa (based in Nairobi). We are currently developing trainings in Brazil, Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan), and Vietnam.One of the goals of the Deep Democracy Institute is to further education, research, and application of the original concepts with all of their multi-dimensional richness, robust methodology, and breadth of application.  We feel that DDI is the institute that is closest to the original concepts, and teaches the broadest methodology. Our special focus is the wide area of leadership, organizational change, professional development and its relationship to individual personal growth.

DDI International and Process Work Community

Each of the Deep Democracy Institute faculty members has studied for decades directly with the Mindells, is a Certified Process Work Diplomate, and holds a university doctorate in a related field. The Process Work Diploma is awarded after a minimum of 4 years of rigorous training that includes years of personal coaching, and many live supervision sessions with individuals and groups.

Process Work Diplomates further develop Deep Democracy and its practice by participating in the professional body (International Association of Process Work - IAPOP) that debates, innovates, and learns together. All of our faculty members also teach within their own local and national IAPOP affiliated programs. We, the Deep Democracy Institute International, based in Portland, work closely with our sister organization, the Process Work Institute Portland, that runs excellent Process Work and Worldwork trainings including a Masters of Art in Process Work, and a Masters of Art in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change - and the many International Process Work Training Programs. All of us are also members of the Global Process Work Institute, which has for decades been organizing the Worldwork Seminars, large scale open forum style group seminars, and are part of the Worldwork facilitation faculty.

Max Schupbach, President and co-founder of the Deep Democracy Institute, is also, together with Arnold and Amy Mindell, a co-founder of the original Process Work community and trainings dating back to the paradigm’s origin in Zurich, Switzerland in the late 1970s. Schupbach is also a co-founder of the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology (IAPOP) the professional body of certified process work Diplomates, Worldwork facilitators, and graduates of Masters in Process Work and Masters in Conflict Facilitation training programs. Max is also a co-founder of the Global Process Work Institute.

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