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DDI People

These pages will introduce you to some of the people that have been involved with the Deep Democracy Institute up to this point. The Deep Democracy Institute is the brain child of Ellen, Max, and Stanford who, together with Josef, comprise the Exec team. However, the members of the board are the caring grandparents, who have assisted and held us through our first year and our first endeavors. They have helped us on many levels, and we are grateful for their support and guidance. Following the tradition of indigenous relations, the members of the council of advisors are our aunts and uncles. They are our extended family, always willing to lend a helping hand, and to assist and support our projects, and we feel indebted to every single one of them. They share with us their many folded expertise, and shine a light on the diversity of this organization and the extents of its network.

We are currently developing more training programs and are in the planning phase for a Master of Art in Process-oriented Leadership and Organizational Transformation. For this we are currently assembling a faculty and development team that we hope to introduce to you here soon.

Check out the Get Involved link if you would like to appear on these pages as a person working within DDI.

First Advisors and Board Members

First Training Group (Jenin)

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