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This 3 Year Program is held in Jenin, Palestine, and can be joined at any time.


Year 1 Summary

Discovering Myth, Building Vision, Developing and Implementing Strategy within and across Organizations.

This year is meant for people who are leaders of teams, organizations, businesses, governments, communities or social movements. The focus is on training leaders from all organizational levels to lead their organization, create synergy between the various organizational directions and to improve organizational efficiency. The key focus is on learning to notice and support the underlying self-organizing directions that are present in teams and organizations, blend them with the goal-oriented directive from the leadership, and create from it vision and strategy.

The Worldwork Large Group Facilitation Technology will be part of the learning of this course, teaching participants to quickly gain ‘buy-in’ from large stakeholder groups without repressing conflict or negativity, which will later sabotage linear agreements and face-value approval.


Year 2 Summary

Process-oriented Leadership II: Entrepreneurial Leadership
Manifesting your Creativity in the World, Process-oriented Entrepreneur-hood and Conflict Resolution Techniques.

How can we “come out” in life? Some of us might doubt that what we have to offer is really needed or that it is good enough. Others might worry about finding the resources to make our secret life-long dreams come true. New impulses might threaten old identities that we and our communities have grown accustomed to and learned to rely on. Our everyday problems can appear to be so big and all consuming that we have no energy left to try anything new: our energy is spent on surviving present circumstances.

This year will focus on teaching how to unfold our potentials as individuals and organizations—how to realize dreams and projects. Process-oriented project management and entrepreneurial skills not only focus on technical details, but also process the underlying mindset which stops individuals and groups from developing and expanding. This part includes for example skills to work on one’s own fear of criticism and negativity, inner criticism as well as external criticism from family members, friends, and the larger society. Process-oriented entrepreneurial skills include also project management and business development skills with new innovative concepts, for example the process-oriented “bricolage” entrepreneur, a technology which allows non-linear wow approach to developing business instead of only a linear business plan.


Year 3 Summary

Process-oriented Leadership III: Coaching
Coaching Yourself, Your Team, and Your Neighborhood
Coaching and advising an organization, team, family, clan unit, or village requires that the individual who leads and coaches them has learned to deal with his or her own everyday problems, remains balanced and keeps a detached perspective in the midst of personal and community difficulties. This is the basis on which to coach and advise.

Coaching skills include relationship skills to work with other team members regardless of yours and their hierarchical position in the organization. These are perhaps the most important skills of all and can be used in interactions with your children, parents, spouse, and team-members at the workplace. The goal of process-oriented coaching is to help individuals connect to inner and outer resources for enhancing their everyday life experience, develop their creativity, enhance their professional or business development and generally mentor their community and team members.

This module will teach methods that are built around following the belief systems of those with whom one is interacting, allowing their global application within the wide diversity of the Palestinian society, where belief systems vary according to generation, location (urban or rural), faith, political background, and family values.

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