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Deep Democracy Leadership Intensive for Individuals,
Teams and Organizations

October 12-21, 2012
in Otranto, Southern Italy

with Drs. Max and Ellen Schupbach,
Dr. Stanford Siver, Dr. Ruth Weyermann, Dr. Josef Helbling, and team

How can we become congruent and stay connected with our deep and diverse experiences, making them useful for our teams, and not lose sight of the purpose and goal that we are trying to achieve? We think our 10-day Intensive answers this question—Process-oriented Leadership. We will learn facilitation methods to discover a group's deeper direction for increased results. We will practice to unfold the diversity of our inner experiences while leading and facilitating. We will also study to co-lead and facilitate the teams that we belong to.

Process-oriented leadership unifies spiritual direction, relationships, feelings, and their integration into our own project goals, as well as our team and organizational directions.

Process-oriented Leadership, which includes large and small group facilitation and conflict resolution, stands on three pillars:

1. inner work skills to find the detachment and strength to flow with the river, discover its wild currents, and use their force;
2. facilitation and conflict resolution skills to support the boat crew to get along with and use the turbulences and
3. developing and staying connected with the deeper vision and goals of the team or organization > the place to which both the river and the boat crew would like to go.

This intensive is meant for facilitators, leaders, consultants, therapists and coaches, and community builders as well as for artists, scientists, meditators, and environmentalists with an interest in future design.

Join us for a 10-day Deep Democracy Intensive on Worldwork, large group facilitation, personal development, inner work, relationship work, conflict resolution, and 721 vision and project management.


We look forward to creating together a Deep Democracy Learning community.

An International team of facilitators and trainers with Process Work diplomas will come together with participants from the US, Russia, Ukraine, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. Our participants and facilitators convene from different industries and backgrounds—spanning the profit and nonprofit sectors, academia, community building and grassroots leadership groups, and the arts—to work on how to develop themselves, their leadership skills, and their communities, teams, and projects.


At the core of our intensive is the PRACTICE of the following worldwork principles:

1. Deep Democracy in everyday life: How to discover and practice deep democracy in our everyday lives, projects, and organizations.
2. Deep Democracy appreciates all roles: You will have a chance to practice daily facilitation within large and small groups.
3. The core of Deep Democracy is your own heart: Developing your inner work practice in relation to group work, relationship work, and your personal vision will be a key element.



GROUP PROCESS: Methods, attitudes, skills, and diverse practical applications of group process theory and facilitation.
721 STRATEGY-RESULT-APPROACH: A portion of the time will focus on application of our unique 721 strategy-result approach that allows you to discover projects waiting to be born in you, to develop dreaming strategies for them, and to understand results as a synchronistic coming together of a multifaceted, multidimensional approach that includes inner work, relationship work, and action oriented strategy .
CONFLICT RESOLUTION: We will devote two days to conflict resolution in various settings, both facilitating your own conflicts and assisting with those of others.
An entire day will focus solely on relationships—more specifically, deepening them by discovering and bringing form to their unique inspirational spark.
HEALTH AND BODY SYMPTOMS: We will focus on personal experiences around health and body symptoms, as well as team health issues, work, and lifestyle, and how to approach these topics as a process-oriented leader. This includes global health, team health, and how we think about these topics in general.
POWER AND ABUSE: Working on your own power and abuse issues, as well as how to facilitate and recognize these issues in others, while concurrently working on rank and power across organizations is a key ability for a Deep Democracy leader. This topic addresses issues around fear in relation to ethnic issues linked with survivor guilt and national mindsets in relation to leadership and power, as well as experiences from one's personal history.
ADDICTION AND CREATIVITY: Addictive processes are connected to altered states and creativity. We will work on personal experiences around addictions, as well as the collective aspects, applying the perspective of the Native American tradition that addictions are tribal, collective processes, not individual.



Most mornings we will join together in the large group with Max and Ellen as the lead facilitators.
Most afternoons will be spent in smaller learning groups with Josef, Ruth, and Stanford as lead facilitators.
Most evenings will be spent together in the large group for supervision and learning.
On Tuesday evening, Oct. 16th, there will be a local event organized by our Italian co-hosts, see separate program.
On Friday evening, Oct. 19th, there will be an Open Forum in Otranto on a topic that is hopefully relevant to the wider Otranto community and to our visiting guests from abroad and other parts of Italy.


The course tuition is 1.350 Euro.
In support of the ongoing and continuous learning among the larger DDl student community, this price also includes module 4 of our 4 stepping stones series, which can be taken in San Francisco, Amsterdam, Kyiv, Nairobi or Moscow in the fall of 2012. (This is a one time offer. Module 4 cannot be exchanged for other seminars.)
Participants who are connected to disadvantaged economies in Eastern Europe, Asia, or Africa, please inquire about the price for your region.
There are many opportunities for work scholarships and arrangements for people of different income levels. Please inquire when you sign up.


Course language is English. Depending on participants there will be small translation groups during the theory into Italian, Russian, German, Spanish, and Arabic. Basic English knowledge is recommended.


We look forward to meeting together in a lesser traveled area of Southern Italy, where our organizers are linked to part of the social artist and community building scene. You will have the opportunity to join an open forum that includes the local population, and you will have a chance to meet local European artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs.


There will be different possibilities for lodging in 3 price categories:
Economy: 15-35 Euro 1 person (shared apartments, simple rooms, 4, 3, 2 or 1 bed)
Standard: 30-50 Euro 1 person (3 star hotel, price depending on how many persons in a room and +/ · breakfast)
Splurge: 40·80 Euro


EMAIL: otranto@deepdemocracyinstitute.org
OR SKYPE: intensive-ddi
OR TELEPHONE: + 31 (20) 8081518


EMAIL: eu-leaders@deepdemocracyinstitute.org
TELEPHONE: +31 (20) 8081518 and +41 (44) 342 3444





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