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Deep Democracy Leadership Track

It's our flagship in the original sense:  the boat in the center of a fleet that supports and supplies the boats around it.  Our core purpose is to co-create new Process-Oriented leadership cultures—in organizations, in teams, and within your own personality as well as between organizations, communities, and regions. A Process-Oriented leader, in our initial understanding (to be more fully unfolded by you on your own learning path) will need competency in:


1. Coaching herself and her team.  Understanding and discovering her or his own inner truth and deeper direction, and facilitating the dialogue between conflicting inner interests and outer demands in a way that brings value to both the inner and outer worlds. Thus, a leader must be a coach, mentor, and elder:  We call her/him the Deep Democracy Coach.


2.  Facilitating his team and organization.  Understanding that teams, organizations, and communities, regardless of size, are living beings who cannot be "moved around" mechanically; they require an interactive, facilitative approach.  Deep Democracy facilitation is a paradigm that makes space for many roles and leadership energies, and fosters awareness about how they balance each other over time.  This might include periods of:

      + Strong leadership with clear directives and explicit boundaries Action-oriented, linear, result-focused goal orientation

      + Emotional gatherings for organizational community experiences and relationships between all members

      + Periods of heated conflict that need facilitation

      + Change processes that at first glance appear chaotic because the hidden structure is not yet visible and the direction is counter-intuitive—a process often referred to as "confusion".

A leader who can work with the living beings of teams, organizations, and communities must be a facilitator and community builder:   We call her/him the Deep Democracy Facilitator.


3.  Leading your team and organization from Vision to Action.  Bringing Vision into Action, taking the risk and responsibility to raise the flag of your own ideas, is an important aspect of leadership in teams and organizations, as well as for oneself.  Making creative use of inner and outer resistances while remaining close to the innate direction of the spirit that shaped the organization makes leadership a spiritual enterprise.  This involves: A holistic perspective and Asking the questions:  (a) How are inner conflicts and outer challenges "right" for the organization as an invitation to become more “who it is” and stronger in its core message? (b) How is everything that happens in an organization a mirror of the personal development of its leaders? and (c) How is every personal issue that you are facing intimately linked with the organizational and community process that is unfolding? This is a leader with a specific ability for reflected action and achieving the goals in relationship to the whole: We call him/her the Deep Democracy Entrepreneur.

4. Resolving Conflict in Teams, Organizations and the Public Space

Finally, our Deep Democracy Leader knows that conflict is a healthy sign of the potential in organizations, and that resolving conflicts has become daily fare in the post-globalized world.  She or he is interested in developing the competencies of:

     (a) Understanding conflict as an invitation for personal development

     (b) Resolving conflict in a triple win fashion; both sides should come out enriched and the system as a whole should also gain

     (c) Fighting and winning—and then discovering a new relationship that includes both

     (d) Fighting, losing, and detaching by finding personal insights and moving on

     (e) The ability to support these processes between people, teams, organizations, communities, and regions. We call her/him the Deep Democracy Conflict Resolver.


A Deep Democracy Leader shows basic mastery in these areas and is able to use them separately and together in such a way that they enhance each other.  The Deep Democracy Leader also has moments of awareness that leading means learning. 

There is no such thing as a group that doesn’t teach us how to lead with them - there are only leaders that can't learn with them in that moment.


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