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Reality Check - Does it Grow Corn?


This section addresses the interface with mainstream learning. Although our learners come from diverse backgrounds, and are as a whole primarily interested in the learning and mastery path, all of them have so far shared an interest to have an impact in the world at large, and realize the possible importance of mainstream degrees. "Does it grow corn?" - a question Native Americans used to ask in order to check if new ideas and directions would consider the well-being of the tribe or make life easier, is a core issue for us at DDI as we are experimenting with innovations around leadership and change management.


Academic Degrees

At this point, DDI does not offer academic degrees. However, we are exploring several possibilities and conducting feasibility studies. Some learners that study with us have no need for academic degrees, and seek only the lifelong learning approach.  Either they have already acquired the necessary degrees, or their particular life situation does not call for one.  However, others are interested in the lifelong learning approach but also need a formal academic degree, understanding the reality and need for degrees in the larger world. 

At DDI we address this issue on three levels: 

1.  We hope that with your help over the years, the quality of the training and the adeptness of our graduates will bring greater and greater value to the degree/name. 

2.  At the same time, we understand and support the need for mainstream degrees.  We are exploring various possibilities:  (a) to create a degree program for DDI, and (b) to partner with various universities and certifying bodies.  This will support your learning path with DDI, and allow you at the same time to complete an accredited academic degree. 

3. We are also exploring the possibility to join the certification process in the areas of coaching, group facilitation, etc.

Please speak to one of our study advisers who can help you with setting up the details in a way that the two learning paths can enhance one another.

Financial Costs

There is clearly variation in terms of how much you will travel, and how much of your learning you will take on the road.  As a whole, our seminars are priced in alignment with the average standard professional seminar fee, as it is adjusted to the currency of a particular country.

Thus, for estimation purposes, consider for example the USA. There our seminar fees are roughly $US 150 a day. In other countries, they are adjusted for the cost of living. If you think of taking 3 years for your training, this will include 100 seminar days which roughly will cost you around $US 15,000 or the equivalent, adjusted for your country’s currency.

Course Fees:  $US 15,000 or currency adjusted amount

Supervision and Coaching:  $US 15,000

Books and Learning Expenses:  $US 10,000

Total average cost in the US for Certification with Excellence year: $40,000.

This sum can vary according to personal learning style, etc.

Emotional Costs

Our certificate program will also challenge you professionally, emotionally, and in terms of who you are as a person in the world.  However, the challenges that you meet and the assistance that you receive as you meet them are based on joy and passion.  We are not a strict group that will force you into experiences to reach a specific competency.  We may well challenge you, yet we are feedback-oriented.  The main question will be:  Are you still learning, enjoying, and blossoming in the challenge, or do you feel you are the victim of a system that no longer understands your situation?  We aim towards the first!



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