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Training and Learning Overview

The training is not sequentially hierarchical; it does not begin with a foundation and build towards higher insights over 3 years.  We start at the center.  You can discover your own path through a landscape of learning around the core competencies, guided by your own intuition and coaching process, as well as by others who have gone before.  We consider the structure of our trainings to be modeled after “real life,” in which your leadership experiences do not necessarily follow a structured gradual increase in intensity, but instead may appear as curve balls in unexpected moments.  We teach inner and outer work skills, attitudes, "advanced" concepts, and so forth within the context of projects and seminars.  Most of our seminars and webinars are public, and you will mix with other leaders and participants of different cultures and backgrounds.  However, we support the creation of peer learning groups and virtual cohorts as needed.

Following, we have delineated a variety of possible training emphases which can be tailored according to your vision.  Details about the programs are designed by the learner in conjunction with her or his guiding team.  Some of these team members can be chosen from the international pool of Process Workers, and some from mentors and teachers in your field of learning. 

Curriculum versus Attractor

Certification is competency based.  Learning paths are geared towards actualizing specified general competencies, and your ability to bring them into the here and now.  We are passionate about learning that is strongly rooted in personal growth and is meaningful in our lives, relationships, communities, and organizations. 

Because programs are self-designed, we present guidelines and suggestions but impose few structural requirements.  They are meant for self-directed learners who enjoy experimenting with new designs.  In this sense, we don't have a curriculum.  The Latin word curriculum means race, or race course, and is used in education to define a prescriptive set of learning experiences that produce the "trained" person.  We prefer the concept of the attractor, borrowed from chaos theory.  In this context, we understand it as the pull of your interests and challenges that assist to forge your path towards mastery of your own leadership competencies. 



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