Deep Democracy Institute

Enrollment: Dear DDI learner. Your emotional and spiritual enrollment in the Deep Democracy Training starts with noticing your inner excitement and vision about learning and sharing how to facilitate the processes of groups, individuals or organizations. In case outer “consensus reality enrollment” should ever draw you, you will find a deep and adventurous path of working with one of our Process Workers on your dreams and visions and finding a team that you feel loved, supported and eldered by on your learning path. Your outer enrollment as a DDI student is "official" at the point that you have a) begun your coaching sessions, b) assembled your guiding team, and, after steps "a" + "b" are complete (!!) - c) declared in an email to the program director,, that this process is complete and you would like to become an "official" student. Please include in this email the program that you would like to join.

For more information on guiding team, coaching, and the various programs that we offer, please browse through the links under International Programs.

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