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Four Distinct Steppingstones to Developing Organizations, Groups, Teams, and, most importantly, Yourself

Our 4 Modules Seminar series starting this fall in the USA, Africa, Middle East and Western and Easter Europe and Central Asia



Deep Democracy is a new paradigm that focuses on facilitating change in individuals, teams, communities, and organizations by validating goals and strategies while at the same discovering hidden structures and system wide, non-measurable tendencies and using them creatively.


The Deep Democracy Institute International is a unique organization that uses the entire Process Oriented Deep Democracy paradigm in

  • personal, psychological facilitation within a coaching environment,

  • facilitating groups of up to 1000 people using a group process model that doesn’t require the negotiation of ground rules,

  • resolving and managing conflict on large and small scales, and

  • pulling these interventions together in an organic strategy that makes sense, and is carried by a group consensus that engages everyone.



Our International Training Program can be either taken solely in one location, San Francisco, Nairobi, Amsterdam, Kyiv (Kiev), Moscow, Almaty Kazakhstan, or custom tailored to include some of these cities, and possibly include other cities where we are planning to present this course: New York, Washington DC, Barcelona, Gothenburg, Sweden, Rome).

Each seminar is designed as a stand-alone seminar of your choice, and is also part of a coherent year long training, complete with clearly defined learning outcomes.


to join us for our next year-long program, that teaches basic skills and concepts as a foundation on which to later build your own learning journey towards various levels of mastery.


the field of Deep Democracy and Worldwork. Go beyond working only on who you identify as and focus on learning new behaviors by adding the adventurous journey of discovering unknown aspects and potentials in yourself, your team, and your organization, and then use our tools to bring them into the real world. Facilitate the innate systemic changes that are already trying to emerge in your organization by using the awareness based Worldwork paradigm. Worldwork is built on concepts from modern physics, non-linear dynamics, psychology, and insights from indigenous traditions around the globe. Learn a method that allows you to focus effectively on a local issue while not forgetting the whole and interconnectedness of it all.


for our Deep Democracy Leadership and Facilitation Course: Four Steppingstones to Developing Organizations, Communities, Teams and Yourself. This program’s practical applications include a unique coaching model, a conflict resolution approach, and a large group facilitation methodology that is relevant to leaders and practitioners who are responsible for the development of organizations, groups, and teams.



Most change and facilitation models are a collection of tools and methods that have been proven valuable in specific contexts. However, when not informed by a unifying theory, they are rarely effective in a diverse set of contexts or on a systemic level. Deep Democracy is the philosophical basis of the Process Work and Worldwork paradigm developed by Arnold Mindell and colleagues since the 1980s. Worldwork is a powerful, universal paradigm, which combines the concepts of modern physics, system theory, and psychology to formulate flow and change in social transformation. When these innovative concepts are applied in all realms of organizational development—from leadership and team development to strategy formulation, implementation, and negotiation to diversity and conflict resolution—both rational and irrational aspects of organizational life, as well as logical and emotional components of change processes, are accessed in order to analyze organizational dynamics and to design intervention methods, and thus bring about contextual solutions.



Worldwork considers all change processes—even seemingly disturbing ones—as containing the potential to make organizations and parts of organizations more creative, adaptable, and flexible. Innovation, creativity, and competitiveness are not components that must be newly created; they are implicitly present in every organization, team, and individual and often express themselves in turbulences and conflicts. Worldwork is a framework that supports leaders and OD practitioners to uncover and harness such inherently creative potential.



The Deep Democracy Institute introduces the Deep Democracy Leadership and Facilitation Course Four Distinct Steppingstones to Developing Organizations, Groups, Teams and Yourself: a four-part learning program which offers leaders and practitioners responsible for the development of organizations, groups, and teams a methodology and set of interventions based on the Worldwork paradigm. The course offers a multidimensional approach for innerwork, coaching and mentoring others, facilitating teams, resolving conflicts, creating visions, developing strategies, and using eldership to bring these various aspects into a dance. Learning to dance means learning to follow the process—the flow of one’s own knowledge and experience, the collaboration within teams, the facilitation of conflict that can bring forth the creativity hidden in tensions—and it requires the precision of a watchmaker, the creativity of an artist, the fluidity of a martial arts teacher, and the resilience of a spiritual warrior. The goal of this course is to learn Deep Democracy Leadership and Facilitation by studying the concepts, experiencing the demonstrations, and practicing the interventions within a learning setting as well as in your personal and work life.


  • To adapt the Worldwork intervention methodology to each unique situation or process. Participants will begin to develop mastery by learning to bring awareness to each situation and context, and to lead with flexibility and fluidity.

  • To apply a wide range of interventions designed to highlight a group’s current identity and functional patterns as well as its key purpose for being, and then facilitate its potentials for change and resistance to change.

  • Worldwork conflict resolution strategies that create an emotional bond between the parties involved who learn to constructively use the hidden potential for change inherent in every conflict.

  • To work with the Worldwork method showing how outcomes, strategy, and data as well as attitudes and hidden agendas can be made explicit and used creatively.

This program is designed to empower any leader, entrepreneur, group facilitator, coach, mediator, or Human Resource professional who is interested in how personal development, relationship issues, large societal issues, and global trends interact in our individual lives and teams. This is important for every coach who wants to learn how to incorporate group and public situations into her or his everyday coaching practice and gives conflict resolution mediators and facilitators a powerful approach to working with every conflict they encounter in a way that brings more closeness and a connection to the inner lives of the participants. Although our lives can seem fragmented between our work, personal issues, and the events on a global scale, we all participate in this universe and share its fate. (For students in the DD certification program, this course is highly recommended prior to the period of specialization.)



This Deep Democracy Leadership and Facilitation Course brings the teachings in four “steppingstones” to developing organizations, groups, and teams. Each steppingstone is a stand-alone module so that those practitioners and leaders who would like to focus in a particular learning area can choose a single seminar. At the same time, the four steppingstones are interlinked and therefore ideally suited for those who would like to integrate all of the skills and aspire to take the entire series. Each seminar addresses all the above levels and doesn’t didactically or artificially separate one area, leaving you wondering how it is all connected. When we dance, we move, feel, listen, relate, and become part of the music, the moment, and the tradition that brought us here. That is also how we envision learning Worldwork and Deep Democracy. Here are the modules, please check on our SCHEDULE


Overview of everything and the connection between the parts: I am U—and X focuses on the relationship between our inner and outer psychology, politics, science, and process. This module will present the breadth and depth of the Deep Democracy Facilitation method through demonstration of immediate practical tools for one reliable intervention for each of the areas mentioned above.


Relationships and Leadership in coaching, facilitating, and consulting require the fluidity of a martial artist. We learn in the Dojo, practicing, improving, and enriching relationships on many levels. We show and learn to work with the interface between personal and professional relationships and the non-locality of physics that shows the timespirits that move us and how personal and transpersonal experiences are twins that dance together.


Process Oriented facilitation methods for discovering and utilizing hidden potentials in groups and teams lead the group or team into new directions. This course will include conflict resolution and innerwork with an emphasis on large group facilitation. Many organizations shy away from large group facilitation and many models inaccurately describe their methods as large group facilitation when, in fact, they are based on breaking large groups down into like-minded smaller groups. Worldwork—tested in the waters of past war zones such as Ireland, Yugoslavia, the Middle East, and in areas of high tension diversity processes like US mega-cities during racial riots, Berlin during high tensions between diverse communities, and in cities with irreconcilable stakeholder processes— guarantees outcomes that bring stakeholders closer together and inspires new and unexpected solutions that were innate but undiscovered by the everyday mindset, as they were concealed within tensions and conflicts.


Bring it all together! You will learn to analyze structure in organizations and groups, to create interventions, and to design co-ventions. Whether working in living corporate, community, or relationship settings, analysis of the hidden structure allows you to design custom-tailored intervention strategies that include everyone and guarantee positive outcomes.


The Deep Democracy Leadership and Facilitation Course: Four Distinct Steppingstones to Developing Organizations, Groups, Teams and Yourself is embedded in an active learning environment. This environment focuses on personal development, relationship skills, metaskills, and your understanding of when to do what, by understanding the meaning of local disturbances in relationship to the big picture.


Leaders should not only rely on theory, but equally on experiential insights for personal, professional, and organizational development. Each program participant will be supported to discover and develop their own innate leadership and facilitation style and to become more fully themselves in these roles. Participants will not be asked to rehearse or adapt predetermined alien behaviors but to discover their own unique innate qualities. The result of this approach is personal authenticity, fluidity, and a sense of joy while leading and facilitating, which in our view is a prerequisite to success. Although these skills may be developed through individual relationship work and innerwork, it is only through practice in the arena of multi-cultural, multi-industry, multi-hierarchical teams and groups that they can be honed. This program blends hands-on self-management skills with immediate practice applications within participant groups. The course can be at this point taken in San Francisco, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Nairobi, Moscow, or Kiev. You can take the entire course in one location or mix and match according to your own personal preference. In addition, to facilitate and catalyze your own personal resilience, you will be connected in distance learning events with the larger learning community. You will also be collaborating with other students between the Steppingstones in ongoing learning groups through Skype where you will have a chance to go home, wherever you are, practice on your own, and report back. Finally, we will provide in-between Skype or teleconferencing with a supervisor to focus on your learning process. Please note that you can take the first module, and then sign-up for the other three. If possible, this should be decided before the end of the first module so that you can join the online learning group. Please refer to for details.



Drs. Max and Ellen Schupbach, founders of the Deep Democracy Institute, and other DD colleagues. Max, together with Arnold and Amy Mindell and colleagues, is one of the co-founders of Processwork. Ellen is the Executive Director of the Deep Democracy Institute, a think tank with branches in San Francisco, Nairobi, Palestine, Ukraine, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Germany, Moscow, the Ural, Kazakhstan, Brazil and Ecuador. Max and Ellen co-founded the Deep Democracy Institute. They have together and individually facilitated on five continents, and are sought after keynote speakers in conferences on leadership, psychology and future design. They facilitate open forums of up to 1,000 participants for the public and in organizations.

For more information; and  DDI testimonials.


Leaders and practitioners, coaches, facilitators, conflict resolution mediators, and entrepreneurs, who are responsible for the development of organizations, groups, and teams.


San Francisco, Amsterdam, Nairobi, Kyiv, Moscow and other cities


Fall 2011/spring 2012  till fall2012/spring 2013 depending on location, please check out our SCHEDULE


Depending on location of seminar.Please check with local organizers.

Deep Democracy Students: 15% off all above listed prices. Please inquire about scholarships, at least 4 weeks prior to each seminar.



Program Locations:

San Francisco, CA:


Module 1: September 23-25, 2011 Module 2: February 17-19, 2012 Module 3: May 18-20, 2012 Module 4: September 21-23, 2012

Program PDF for 4 Stepping Stones San Francisco

Module 1: Sept 23-25, 2011


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Module 1: November 11-13, 2011 Module 2: April 13-15, 2012 Module 3: June 15-17, 2012 Module 4: October 12-14, 2012

Program PDF for 4 Stepping Stones Amsterdam

Module 1: Nov 11-13, 2011


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