2015 Memories - A Kind of a DDI Newsletter - Part 3

Lifemyth, the timeless spirit in us that organizes our change and growth. 

Participant reflections on essence, love and changing the world - DDI Intensive October 2015: Power, love, war and miracles in Barcelona, Spain

The life myth, we learned, from the work of transpersonal pioneer, C. G Jung, and from Mindell, is a mythical essence weaving in our own lives as a guiding force. Changing the world is a mythic process – utilizing a recurring pattern present in our earliest childhood dream and in different ways throughout life as a dependable resource. 

With the help of a partner we led each other through a personal development activity 'love in action’. We accessed the wondrous ineffable energy of our first ever experience of love to grasp a mythic pattern guiding our life. The point of the exercise was to use this awareness to channel the creative force within the pattern into a vision for a practical project we want to bring into our world, to affect change.

Arita from Latvia is an executive coach, working with business organizations and teams:

One of the methods I especially liked was the one we used to discover our essential life myth, exploring a first love experience. I discovered in the ‘here and now’ a dance between my eternal self my external self. Being in touch with your own myth and essence, gives way to creativity and fulfillment and bringing our gifts to other people. Bring it on!

It also worked wonderfully with the leaders in a business environment. I said to CEO, you have been telling me the manager you want me to coach has the knowledge and skills to do the work technically, but her team is unhappy. You want me to work with her in developing her social skills. But I have to warn you, if we explore the question: ‘Am I at home in this job, and how can I be at home in this job?’ it might turn out that her inner myth is not connected to this job and she might decide to leave. Is that ok with you? And this CEO responded, ‘Yes please! I want her to get in touch with her life mission because we want people here who are in touch with themselves, and here because they feel at home, and not just because of the payroll’. 

On another occasion, we applied the personal life myth idea to a collective situation or project. We discovered the mythic essence in our organisation/team/project, as a navigation tool to get connected with what makes it tick? 

Alyona from Russia is a snowboarding coach and a human resources executive. She reflected on the life myth idea in the coffee break after the inner work:

We humans have a life myth that we embodying throughout life. The earth too has a myth, showing up in different issues, like global warming. It is a huge help for me when I am working on an issue, to inwardly interact with the earth.  At the essence level me, you and the world are one, so when I connect the earth’s essence-like energy and use it, it enables something to happen more easily, lightly. I can really have an affect on things.  

Anastasia from Ukraine is involved in the design of police reforms in her country and she made a connection between life myth idea and her work: 

I sometimes feel really hopeless because the task feels huge and bottomless. Knowing a little bit about the role structure within tensions as we are learning here, really helps me be with tension, and not fall into the hopelessness of the situation, for instance when people are ready to walk out of negotiations. 

I discovered today that for me it is all about love. How does love fit into governmental institutions like the police? In Ukraine, we are expecting so much of the police. How little we are ready to do ourselves! For example, alcohol abuse contributes to a lot of crime, and takes up police energy and resources. As a society we love police, but to practice love we need to help them spend less time on things like alcohol abuse.  Working on the life myth of the police in Ukraine, I discovered how the police reforms I am involved in are all about love – love for my country, love for our future, and for the people I work with. 

The laws of physics and quantum mechanics we learned, are the universe’s language for how things work. Social systems and human psychology are part of existence, and so they too function according to these laws. Processwork as a collaboration approach is founded on these same laws that evidence the way life actually works. For instance, the law of non-locality in physics, shows how events and observer are strangely connected, even if physically or psychologically far away from each other. Linear causality does not explain or solve the volatility and unpredictably of life on this planet today. From a Processwork perspective, the facilitator or leader is affecting and affected by the field of interaction he or she is within. Anastasia is excited by the relevance of these ideas in her work:

We heard today how somebody just got a Nobel prize for discovering how the tiniest particles [neutrinos] are moving through us all the time, changing identity and the nature of matter. Today’s work on discovering our life pattern through an early love experience, was about the spirit of love that can go through anything. It is inspiring for me to realise how love, government reforms and the structure of the universe are all connected

Imagine how discoveries about the working of the universe can influence methods of collaboration into the future!

Monday, 14. December 2015

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