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November 17 2017 - November 19 2017


Dr. Ellen Schupbach, Dr. Max Schupbach

A Deep Democracy seminar demonstrating and practicing our approach to working with your body, your mind, and with teams, organizations, and world issues.

This seminar is offeredat a reduced price. It is a standalone seminar and an introduction to our 2 year certification training starting in Amsterdam in 2018 



What Is Deep Democracy and Process Work?


Deep Democracy, developed by Arnold Mindell, is an innovative whole-system, holographic paradigm that links individual development, team and organizational development, and world changes in one cohesive theory. It unifies elements of modern physics and complexity theory, understandings from indigenous cosmologies, as well as cutting-edge psychological research and perennial wisdoms from the world’s spiritual beliefs. The framework can be used to work on personal and professional development, team development, organizational development, and universal world changes. Depending on the context, it naturally shows the connection between these processes at any given moment, and follows the process of the person or group, assisting them to discover and remember their deep nature and its present expression.


Entanglement and holographic effects: Deep Democracy assumes that a personal, individual “life myth” process—our term for a deeper essential direction in your life—is intricately linked to or entangled with the organizing principle behind world changes, and that the experiences we have in our inner lives, our relationships, our teams, and the world at large are symmetrical; they are local expressions of larger universal processes. Our work naturally follows the scope and scale of the process unfolding, be it for an individual in a coaching practice, an executive committee in a corporation, a social movement in an informal settlement, or government branch with a specific task at hand.


Process Work, another term for Deep Democracy, has a vast array of tools that assist in bringing these hidden structures to the forefront, allowing creative, often surprising, solutions to spring out of complications.


This three-day workshop will provide an overview and introduction of the theoretical approach, and demonstrate skills that you can use for your own development, work, coaching with individuals, and facilitating groups and communities in diverse settings. It will also serve as an introduction to our two-year training program, starting in 2018.


Day 1–Your Deepest Nature: A Best-Kept Secret: This day will focus on Deep Democracy’s approaches to inner work. We will show and practice together how body experiences and personal-development experiences (mind/body) are symmetrical, and how Deep Democracy’s work with your symptoms and health (including deep dreaming processes behind lifestyle habits like eating, exercising, sleeping, etc) can deepen and enrich your life, so you can embody your deep nature. We will show how to discover and remember your life myth, an individual, essential pattern or core gift that finds expressions through you in diverse forms, depending on context. Think of it as a journey principle that assists you in using all of yourself in different locations and stations in your life’s journey. It can be used to work on personal- and professional-development issues, and as a universal approach to coaching individuals. It is a key to understanding inner conflicts and finding congruent strength in the face of adversities.


Day 2CreativityConflict Resolution, and Group Facilitation: We will learn to discover the creativity of marginalized information in relationships. Marginalized information contains surprising and creative new elements. We will show how to use it to make personal and team relationships richer, more meaningful, more unified, and more fun. We will later introduce, demonstrate, and practice large-group facilitation. Deep Democracy was developed to work with highly conflicted groups that don’t agree on ground rules, or even dialogue sometimes. Our large-group-facilitation model "follows process" and is adaptable to working in very diverse settings. (Please visit our website for examples of large-group facilitations in governments, corporations, spiritual communities, slums, public spaces, prisons, etc.)


Day 3–Your Work, Your Song, Your Path: Our last day focuses on your personal development and leadership style, your "song” created out of your own learning from your insights and experiences in the previous days, tools you learned, and experiences in our ad-hoc community of co-learners, and how to sing it in the world—your community, your workplace, your family.




Ellen SchupbachPhD, Dip PW, is executive director of the  Deep Democracy Institute. She coaches individuals internationally, and studies and teaches Process Work and Deep Democracy in a large variety of locations and cultures and throughout the globe. Her particular focus is on assisting individuals and groups to bring their deepest hopes and inspirations into the reality of their everyday lives. 


Max Schupbach PhD, Dip PW, CPF, is the director of development of Deep Democracy Institute. He is a co-founder of the Process Work and Deep Democracy movement and co-founded many of its international institutes and training programs. He coaches leaders across industries, governments, and spiritual communities, and consults a wide variety of organizations worldwide. His work is featured in many national TV and press programs that you can find on our website.



Ellen and Max are co-founders of the Deep Democracy Institute, a think tank, consulting group, and training institute, with sister organizations in the USA, Africa, Ukraine, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. The Deep Democracy Institute focuses on bringing the parallel worlds of personal growth and psychology, spiritual directions and religion, social and environmental justice, and science, politics, and business into one world across the globe. Ellen and Max migrate between prolonged stays in a small village on the Oregon Coast, and in Deep Democracy learning communities across the globe.


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November 17 2017 10:00 AM
November 19 2017 01:00 PM


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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