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Why Learn With Us?

Who we are in our entire complexity ultimately decides how we lead.  The more awareness we have about ourselves, the better we can use our skills to lead.  Who we are also determines how we learn, and how we learn to lead.  Leadership "programs" fail because they try to turn out "leaders," rather than deep human beings who can use aspects of their individual potential to contribute to the collective, for example, to lead.

We at the Deep Democracy Institute assist groups and individuals to use awareness with a focus on process.  We facilitate the discovery of these innate directions (inner paths, natural change trajectories) and use them in the world at large.  Our research shows that this leads to increased motivation, satisfaction, and connection to intrinsic motivation—brings more joy and better relationships—and at the same time reduces stress and mental fatigue.  This inevitably results in an increased bottom line.  We need not trade depth and meaning for profit; in fact depth and meaning enhance potential and heighten the chance for material profit.   

However, this inherent direction, found in individuals and groups, is not a straight line.  It is a nonlinear and often paradoxical, though highly intelligent path.  It is a trajectory following a hidden organizing principle—hence the tagline of our institute:  Discovering Innate Solutions

At DDI we consult, facilitate, lead, and advise.  We research and learn, and we share our learning in trainings.  According to our training vision, we experiment and study how to reflect these values and ideas in our training approach, and how to facilitate this process.  We seek, together with you, the identified learner.  While delivering our training, we hope to develop a new approach to learning.  We strive not to deliver programs, but to create learning environments with our seminars, webinars, coaching sessions, and peer learning groups that can assist in the discovery of your own individual path within that environment.  Our various degrees of certification celebrate the stages of ease that you discover and implement on your own personal learning path.

Who Will Want to Learn With Us?

 Our trainings are for people who want to make a difference in their personal lives, in their organizations, and in the world at large through the way they lead. If you love one or more of the following areas, you might find it easier to understand and use the Deep Democracy concepts.

     + Psychology and consciousness studies

     + New scientific paradigms, new physics, complexity theories, and so forth

     + The wisdom of aboriginal cultures

     + Modern research on change management, economics, and social psychology

     + Art, spirituality and their roles in collective change

     + Political science and the movement for a more inclusive leadership culture in our organizations, communities, and countries

If you believe that transformation always begins and ends with the individual, working personally on his or her own experiences, then you will sail through the self-management (inner work) aspect of our learning environment. 

If you love your ambition—your interest in achieving and getting ahead—and see it as a drive to make a better team or organization, you will find your way easily through the action-oriented and project-based aspects of our learning approach. 

We are addressing learning mavericks, change agents looking for bold new ideas about how to study and grow, lead and influence, and participate in the co-evolution of the planet.  We are interested in people who love power—their own, that of others, powers in teams and organizations, measurable powers, powers that we can only feel, and the power of nature and the universe—and who love learning to dance with it.  We are a learning and teaching community that aspires to support individual interests and ideas, and make them work for the needs of today’s world.  You are a new brand of executive leader, community-builder, (social) scientist, economist, politician, and modern shaman-shapeshifter-meditator. 

We hope to provide concepts and inspirations to develop along your own learning path.  Our training vision is to encourage and support adult Process-Oriented learning based on personal motivation and one’s deeper direction.  We want to support you to find your own learning path and to “un-program” learning values that might once have worked, but no longer fit the size of who you now are.  If you believe that the right path for you is guided learning on your own at times mysterious path, and you seek experimental learning that can be assimilated, lived, practiced, and breathed—please check us out.  If you are looking for predetermined, structured steps in a program that dictates procedures, you will have the opportunity to create this on your own with your guiding team. 

We seek to attract individuals who are interested in learning that is directly related to their own professional realities and experiences.  This is based on one of the core values of Process Work, which is a phenomenological science, personal discovery path, and empirical approach:  If you cannot experience it—do not believe it.  We are action-oriented in terms of both inner and outer challenges.  Learning is focused on practical projects, and seminars support the experiential learning of each aspect of the theory, which can be applied immediately in professional life, leadership ventures, and personal relationships. 

Who Will Not Want to Learn With Us?

We are open to everyone, regardless of their outer and inner situations.  We have entry counselors who will gladly discuss with you whether or not this path might be a fit and work for you.  On an ongoing basis, your guiding team will evaluate with you whether or not your learning needs are being met by what we can offer from our side.  In order to enter the DD Diploma track, your guiding team will evaluate and explore with you a deeper motivation process, apparent either through a night dream, a special experience, or a unanimous recommendation from your Guide Team. 

Let's be clear:  our trainings are for people who want to make a difference in their personal lives, in their organizations, and in the world at large through the way they lead.  If you love one or more of the following areas, you might find it easier to understand and use the Deep Democracy concepts.



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Discovering Innate Solutions