Deep Democracy Institute

International Learning

The Deep Democracy Institute has training programs on the US West Coast, centered in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in Europe, centered in Amsterdam, and soon to include many European cities; namely, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Valencia, Copenhagen, Munich, Vienna, etc .  We have training programs in Kyiv, Ukraine, and in Jenin and Ramallah, Palestine. As of last year, we have a training program in East Africa, centered in Nairobi with students from the many areas of Kenya, as well as participants from South Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania.

In 2012, we are beginning a training in Kazakhstan, and we exploring the possibility of trainings in other parts of Central Asia, especially Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan and the Caucasus: Armenia and Georgia.  We have developed the first steps of a possible future training program in Hanoi, Vietnam.

This is a global training program.  It can be completed from any number of locations throughout the world, or from a single location.  This depends entirely on personal needs and preferences. 

Online learning and telecommute possibilities allow learners to connect with the larger community whether or not they physically travel. 

If you are interested in becoming a “Second Globalization Leader,” a person who is at home in many places throughout the world, then you might decide to take our trainings wherever your work or interests and financial possibilities allow.  This may inspire you to start projects within new areas and regions.


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