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Joining the DDI Certificate Trainings


How, When, Where

Thanks for thinking of joining our learning community. The following recommendations are based on our trust in the learner inside of each one of us. He/she will guide you on the path for the love and joy of learning. We trust this learner and the unique path that she/he will carve with the assistance of her/his guiding team.


What are the Prerequisites?

If you have already taken part in one or more of the seminars led by any of the DDI facilitators (whether or not they took place under the DDI label) or you have had coaching sessions with any of our DDI team facilitators, then there are no further prerequisites for joining the program. If you have not yet taken part in seminars led by any of our team-members, or had previous coaching sessions with any of the DDI team facilitators, then we suggest that you attend one of our seminars prior to joining, to familiarize yourself with the approach. If you are familiar with process work, but have not yet had previous coaching or seminar contact with any of the DDI team members, then we still advise that you attend one of our seminars prior to joining, to get a better idea about whether or not our particular Deep Democracy and Worldwork practice fits you. Most people do this organically and it gets good feedback!


Long Term Learners

As previously mentioned most of our students have experienced our seminars as well as coaching sessions with someone from the DDI team at the point of joining a certification track. Several of you will discover as you read through these pages that in fact you have already started the program, perhaps years ago. If this is the case, you now need to formally declare in an email that you want to join the program, and the process begins. The point at which you have assembled your guiding team will mark your “official” beginning. Once you are on your learning path, you are not required to work with a DDI team member for your coaching. Instead, you can work with any of the IAPOP affiliated diplomats. The IAPOP Member Directory is online at


Previous Credits

Because our certifications are competency based, seminars and coaching sessions from prior experience will “count”, as you will organically carry your learning from those courses. However your official entry point is still important to us. We are interested a deep and sustainable process with learners who have made up their minds that this is the right path for them, and we are the right group for them. We will try to assist in your decision making process about the right track for you. depending on your previous contact with our trainings and staff, we might suggest coaching sessions with a DDI facilitator to help with formulating your dream and vision, and how to bring it into your beginning training process.

Should I join? Which track should I join?


All of our seminars contain aspects of Deep Democracy Coaching, Deep Democracy Facilitation, and Deep Democracy Organizational Development. These areas are inseparable, and differ only in terms of emphasis and not in terms of separation of skills. If you are wondering if the certification track is right for you, we suggest that you do the following – attend any seminar that sparks your interest – either a) because of the importance of the topic for you, b) an interest in a particular cultural environment, c) because it fits well into your schedule, or d) any other reason or feeling that you might have. If you decide after attending the seminar that continued study would be interesting to you, AND you are also interested in the certification tracks, then please contact us so we can connect you with a DDI coach who can help you to unfold your particular vision in terms of DDI certification, and whether or not this is the right path for you. Our training is meant for a wide variety of groups and individuals, many of whom are not interested in certification or a formalized training. Certification is offered as a service for life-long learners who feel they would benefit from official certification. However, our own business model does not depend on students joining the certification program, and learning obviously doesn’t depend on certification or a formal path.


And a final remark - a word of caution or encouragement, depending on your perspective

By joining our certification tracks, you are joining an experiment in social innovation, independent learning and Deep Democracy, not a refined curriculum that allows you to board a train that will stop at defined stations to bring you at a given time to a final destination - a certification or diploma. Although the majority of our facilitators are long term Process Work practitioners, recognized in their field, we are a young organization. We are experimenting with a new kind of educational process, which will hopefully bring Deep Democracy principles into the area of learning and education. This means freedom and a new way of learning, but it also means willingness to be part of the evolutionary process, developing the path with us together. It will take learning and flexibility from both sides, as we travel together on this shamanic learning path.


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