Our upcoming Kyiv Intensive will be awesome !

Thank you, Ukraine DDI Team, for your amazing work !

We are very excited as we are all working on our Annual Intensive, which will happen in Ukraine this year. It's only 2 more months. Our Ukrainian team has done such a mind blowing job in creating a hosting environment that we simply have never witnessed before. Although I am prone to overpraising our teams, in this case I am actually understating it. Thank you, Yuliya Filippovska, Антон Ермоленко, Anastasiya Leukhina Svetlana Kolodi and Анна Ермоленко (Anna Yermolenko) for your incredible work.

So people, over these next weeks, follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DeepDemocracyInstitute  to get updates of the content of the course, videos of Kyiv, interviews with past Intensive participants, highlights of the course, and news about the Open Forum on Ukrainian Russian relationships and a Round Table on Deep Democracy and civil society, corruption, security and economics.

Monday, 24. July 2017

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