DDI Intensive 2017: Come Together - as Friends and Foes Convergence and Divergence in Today's World

Kyiv, Ukraine, September 22nd-October 1st

Join 100+ participants from all continents for our annual 10 day Deep Democracy Facilitation and Coaching Intensive Course. 

Deep Democracy, developed by Arnold Mindell, is a global, whole system approach to work with change for individuals, families, teams, organizations, and governments. Come learn/teach with us how to work with conflicts, polarizations, and community tensions to create self-realization and self discovery. Today, many tendencies converge towards creating more connectedness and a global village. At the same time, regions, nations, communities, and families experience diverging processes with strong local identities. Discover with us how to facilitate, coach, and lead - but more importantly, live (!) in this seemingly contradictory reality. 

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Fee: 1550 Euro

Scholarships are available. For more information, write to:

Our Faculty

Dr. Ellen Schupbach, USA, Dr. Max Schupbach, USA, Dr. Ruth Weyermann, Switzerland, Dr. Josef Helbling, Switzerland, Anna Gabryjelska-Basiuk, Poland, Dr. Xenia Kuleshova, Switzerland + Russia

....and YOU !.... by applying our collaborative learning/teaching approach.

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Thursday, 23. February 2017

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