Advisory Council Uzbekistan

Чуқур Демократия Институти ( 2012 йилнинг октябр ойида пешқадамлик, мустақиллик ва ҳамкорлик бўйича конференция ўтказишни режалаштирмоқда. Бизнинг ниятимиз жамият қуриш, бизнес,  илмий жамоа, сиёсий фаолият каби соҳаларидаги пешқадамларни жалб этишдир. Биз Марказий Осиё, Кавказ минтақаси, Белоруссия, Россия, Молдова ва Украинада эълонлар берамиз. Ушбу муносабат билан, долзарб мавзулар бўйича суҳбатларни олиб бориш ҳамда конференцияни ўтказиш учун оқилона жойни танлаш масаласини ҳал қилиш мақсадида Сизни маслаҳат кенгашимиз таркибига таклиф қиламиз.
Илтимос, маслаҳат кенгашимиз таркибига киришга розилигингизни маълум қилинг, шунда биз сизни электрон муҳокамалар рўйхатида қайд қиламиз. Суҳбат инглиз, рус ёки ихтиёрингизга кўра бошқа тилда қуйидаги почта реестрида ўтказилади:
Миннатдорчилик ила
Макс ва Эллен Шупбах, Чуқур Демократия Институти,

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Advisory Council 2012 Worldwork Conference in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The Deep Democracy Institute ( is planning a conference on leadership, independence and collaboration for October 2012. We hope to convene leaders in community building, business, religion, academia, and politics.  We will advertise in Central Asia, the Caucasus region, Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine.  At this point, we would like to invite you to join an advisory council to help us dialogue on possible burning topics, and to decide on a good location for the conference. Thank you for considering.
Please let us know if you agree to be on the advisory council, so that we can sign you up on our email discussion list. The dialogue will happen in English, Russian or a language of your choice in the following listserv:
With appreciation
Max and Ellen Schupbach, Deep Democracy Institute,

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Monday, 12. July 2010 • DDI INTERNATIONAL BLOG, Pусскоязычный Блог Russian Blog1 comments

Deep Democracy Institute Moscow

Check out our new website for the Deep Democracy Institute Russia Thank you, Xenia, for the inspiration and creation.

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And you thought YOU had fun !!!

At the end of our recent leadership seminar in the Ukraine, our participants use a special technique to work on their insights. According to different intelligence types (Gardner) we learn and remember differently when using for example movement. In this small video, participants move each of their hands differently, expressing a special leadership quality that they have found, and let the hand work out the integration between them through spontaneous movement. Astonishingly, the hands find a movement solution and the person has an insight about what the hands did, that they can use in the days to come. As you can see, most of them have their eyes closed, in order to better focus on the kinesthetic and proprioceptive process and not to be disturbed by visual information.

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Sunday, 16. May 2010 • DDI INTERNATIONAL BLOG, Pусскоязычный Блог Russian Blog, EAST AFRICA BLOG3 comments

Our New Facebook Page

dear friends, we have a new facebook page. Check us out on We had fun putting it together and surprised and joyous about the support from so many people. Ellen and I are packing and will be on the road soon. Can't wait to see our friends soon.

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"Truth is like a baobab tree; one person's arms cannot embrace it" (African proverb) 

We are grateful to Florence Champin from Nairobi for passing on this proverb to us. It's an image that resonates with the essence of Deep Democracy, as we understand it. Even if some arms are pulling against each other, and not in touch, they are all trying to embrace the bigger truth.

Today raised its flag - though it's a provisional flag, it is a flag, nontheless, waving in the winds. Thanks to everyone  who helped to get this done.

photo by Allie Cooper

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Thursday, 25. March 2010 • EAST AFRICA BLOG, DDI INTERNATIONAL BLOG0 comments

Deep Democracy Institute East Africa

Good news from Zak, our Kenyan lawyer this morning: DDI East Africa passed all the hurdles and is now a registered organisation in Kenya. Thanks Florence, Zak and Maryanne who worked so hard on making this happen. Our website in Kenya is about to go live, keep watching this at the end of the week, we hope to have some news for you.

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