Conflict and Creativity in Amsterdam - Beginning of a yearlong Conflict Management Training

We look forward to our year of training in Deep Democracy Leadership and Conflict Management in Amsterdam. On April 9th we have the first of 4 workshops on Worldwork Conflict Management and Mediation for European leaders. Inner conflicts keep us paralyzed at times, team conflicts block productivity, turf wars in organizations reduce efficiency - and create terrible moods! Deep Democracy is a superpostional model, which shows how opposing forces are also creative tensions, and the expression of an emerging, more creative and more differentiated identity. Deep Democracy application not only resolves conflicts, it uses them for new directions, rejuvenation and rediscovery of your deeper vision and motivation for who you are in life - as a person, team, or organization.

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New International Deep Democracy Programs


We are excited to have completed a first experimental beta version of our international Deep Democracy training programs. They are designed so that in a dynamic process, you can create your own learning path within the parameters of these four elements:

Learning Environment: 

Seminars - Webinars - Coaching Sessions - Peer Learning - Assignments - Projects - Internships - etc.


Deep Democracy Leadership with specializations in

Deep Democracy Coaching - DD Large Group Facilitation - DD Organizational Change Management - and DD Conflict Resolution.

Personal Guiding Team

A group of 3 experts, 2 of them Processworkers.

3 DDI Certifications

DDI Certificate - DDI Excellence - DD Diploma

According to your particular possibilities, (Palestine !), interests, resources, and of course learning path, you can study at one or several of our locations, for example:

San Francisco - Nairobi - Amsterdam - Moscow - Portland - Palestine - Valencia - Ukraine - Paris - Hanoi.

Find more here !

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