New International Deep Democracy Programs


We are excited to have completed a first experimental beta version of our international Deep Democracy training programs. They are designed so that in a dynamic process, you can create your own learning path within the parameters of these four elements:

Learning Environment: 

Seminars - Webinars - Coaching Sessions - Peer Learning - Assignments - Projects - Internships - etc.


Deep Democracy Leadership with specializations in

Deep Democracy Coaching - DD Large Group Facilitation - DD Organizational Change Management - and DD Conflict Resolution.

Personal Guiding Team

A group of 3 experts, 2 of them Processworkers.

3 DDI Certifications

DDI Certificate - DDI Excellence - DD Diploma

According to your particular possibilities, (Palestine !), interests, resources, and of course learning path, you can study at one or several of our locations, for example:

San Francisco - Nairobi - Amsterdam - Moscow - Portland - Palestine - Valencia - Ukraine - Paris - Hanoi.

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