Love, Power, War and Miracles - 10 Day Intensive in Barcelona

We are thrilled to have finalized Barcelona as our new location for the 2015 Intensive. It's a great creative city and we hope withing fair traveling distance for our students in Africa, USA, Northern and Central Europe and Russia and Ukraine.

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Word is we have a newsletter !!!

We published our first DDI newsletter  WORD IS Winter 2012  ! Check it out and read about some of the 2012 highlights, for example our collaboration with Germany to create a stakeholder dialogue training across North Africa and the Middle East, our new initiative on leadership development in the area of food farming and community building. Look at the video on the creation of a graffiti for our newsletter by a street artists on a wall in Kibera, one of Africa's biggest slums. Also check on an eye witness report of our first International intensive course in Otranto in Southern Italy with 80 participants from 24 countries and all continents.

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Deep Democracy Exchange

Deep Democracy Exchange is our Publishing and Production Label. We publish books and produce movies. In 2012 we have republished 3 of Arnold Mindell's books, which were out of print, in the Deep Democracy Classic Series: Dreambody, River's Way and just recently fresh out of the oven "Quantum Mind". As we speak, our first Polish production goes into print, a Polish translation of the "Deep Democracy of Open Forums". Check out our website at Together with a Russian Television Channel "Channel 21" we recorded a series of 12 demonstration of working with people in various situations using Process Work. Soon we will have an English version of these recordings on our youtube channel.

We have also published the Deep Democracy of Open Forums in Russian. All of these books can be bought in their own countries, but also on Amazon as hardcopies or e-books. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen. We are having a lot of fun with it all.

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"Business Clinic" in Kyiv with Investgazeta, Ukraine's leading Investment Newpaper.

Interesting evening in our "Business Clinic" in Kyiv, organized jointly by DDI and Investgazeta, Ukraine's leading investment newspaper. Good discussion about the core of business, how business conflicts are expressions of creativity that can be harnessed to move the business forward, and a live case discussion with an IT entrepreneur on the relationship between the business management and development teams. Organizations often look for systemic solutions that eliminate conflict; we look for systemic solutions that use the energy in unavoidable conflicts to move companies forward. For this purpose, we recommend facilitated group process with all stakeholders, once a year, for one day, for every forward thinking company.

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DDI Intensive October 12-21 in Otranto, Italy

We are very excited to announce our first DDI Intensive in Southern Italy in Otranto this fall - Discovering Creativity and Mystery in the River of Change of our Times.


Deep Democracy Leadership Intensive for Individuals, Teams and Organizations

October 12 - 21, 2012 in Otranto, Southern Italy

with Drs. Max and Ellen Schupbach, Dr. Stanford Siver, Dr. Ruth Weyermann, Dr. Josef Helbling, and team 

How can we become congruent and stay connected with our deep and diverse experiences, making them useful for our teams, and not lose sight of the purpose and goal that we are trying to achieve? We think our 10-day Intensive answers this question — Process-oriented Leadership. We will learn facilitation methods to discover a group’s deeper direction for increased results. We will practice to unfold the diversity of our inner experiences while leading and facilitating. We will also study to co-lead and facilitate the teams that we belong to. 

Process-oriented leadership unifies spiritual direction, relationships, feelings, and their integration into our own project goals, as well as our team and organizational directions. 

Process-oriented Leadership, which includes large and small group facilitation and conflict resolution, stands on three pillars:

(1) inner work skills to find the detachment and strength to flow with the river, discover its wild currents, and use their force; 

(2) facilitation and conflict resolution skills to support the boat crew to get along with and use the turbulences; and 

(3) developing and staying connected with the deeper vision and goals of the team or organization > the place to which both the river and the boat crew would like to go.

This intensive is meant for facilitators, leaders, consultants, therapists and coaches, and community builders, as well as for artists, scientists, meditators, and environmentalists with an interest in future design.

Join us for a 10-day Deep Democracy Intensive on Worldwork, large group facilitation, personal development, inner work, relationship work, conflict resolution, and 721 vision and project management.

We look forward to creating together a Deep Democracy Learning community.


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Ahmed Aawar from Cairo and Max Schupbach discuss the Arab spring

Flash is required!

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The Deep Democracy Exchange - a DDI Publishing House

The Deep Democracy Institute has now a publishing arm, the Deep Democracy Exchange.

Our first two books are Process Work Classics from Arnold Mindell: "The Dreambody" and "River's Way".

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