Think Tank Gothenburg


Bernhard Le Roux (City of Gothenburg), in collaboration with Mistra Urban Futures, has organized a think-tank of conflict resolution facilitators and diversity experts to discuss building sustainable futures for Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, and other cities.  Mistra Urban Futures is a Swedish organization that gathers socially relevant knowledge and experience essential to understanding, improving and communicating sustainable urban development processes. It is a center for interaction between research and its practical application, promoting knowledge transfer and cooperation between businesses, interest organizations, and the public.  Invited think tank participants are Max and Ellen Schupbach from the Deep Democracy Institute, Josef P. Folger (Temple Univ.); Cathy Wilkinson (Stockholm Resilience Ctr); Judith Saul Ctr for Conflict Resolution (Copenhagen); the Swedish Ass’n for Municipalities and Regions; Gothenburg Univ.; and Gothenburg’s City Office. Ellen and Max will present a post think tank workshop


Tuesday, 18. October 2011

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