DDI Facebook Community beyond 4000

We were thrilled the other morning, when we realized that our DDI Facebook community has now over 4000 members. Is it a sign that the time for Deep Democracy has come? Deep Democracy, Arnold Mindell's concept that psychology, spirituality and politics are inseparable, expressing themselves with different voices, and all have to be part of an inclusive leadership approach, which starts by making room for one's own inner diversity. 

Who are the people who "like" us on Facebook, as a Russian friend asked us? Hard to tell, but here are the top 20 cities from last week, where people who interacted with us on Facebook, became friends, or made comments.  

     297    Kyiv
      266    Nairobi
      139    Warsaw
      107    Moscow
      103    Tbilisi
      75    Baku
      63    Bishkek
      62    Amsterdam
      57    Yerevan
      43    Seattle
      38    Almaty
      38    Istanbul
      38    Vilnius
      36    Sydney
      33    Portland
      33    Tokyo
      32    Cape Town
      31    Amersfoort
      31    Chisinau

Friday, 20. May 2011

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