Beyond Leadership - Nairobi, Kenya, June 10-12

"Beyond Leadership" - Nairobi, Kenya, June 10-12

Drs. Max and Ellen Schupbach

We look forward to our upcoming seminar in Kenya, where we will be working on the spiritual path of leadership. Deep Democracy shows that the peak experiences in our lives are not just accidental, but follow a deeper individual pattern. Learn how our own moments of transformation bear the seeds for our change leadership. Experience for yourself, how seemingly magic moments in groups and teams are organized by the marginalized information in the whole system. Crises and peak experiences show individuals and teams the power of the unknown, and can be tracked to co-create the emerging future. Traditional leadership concepts suggest that a leader must be bold and push ahead to achieve results. While this aspect of leadership is important, and will also be developed in this seminar, the path of leadership is at times unknown and surprising. We will introduce tools that assist in guiding us through this at times terrifying, at times awe-inspiring journey. This workshop aims to provide inner work tools and group facilitation instruments to add to your faith in unfolding pathways, and use awareness of the moment to detach and lead by following the unknown.

In this workshop, we will show tools to discover the magic of your own personal leadership path and its underlying structure. We will study transformative moments in your life, and learn to access personal leadership power, embedded in these numinous moments. We will practice tools to "get out of your own way", and flow with the energies that are moving you. Through this process will result a new kind of faith in your own ability to co-create a tangible path that is aligned with the tides of change.

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Tuesday, 17. May 2011

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