Most "liked" FB page 2015 - Our experiences in our workshop in Nairobi

this is the fb page post that was most liked up to now in 2015:

Wonderful learning experiences here in Nairobi in our "Kiss the Frog" Seminar. Oh my God - we are so blessed with our learning community here. Working on the spirit of tradition, Africa as the cradle of mankind, Africa as our mother, whose children we are. Africa as cradle of diversity - bringing forth the multispectral rainbow that is called humanity today. And then young Africans, wanting to forge new roads, needing to debate with their families and parents, that having their own dreams and visions is not disrespectful to the tradition, but an appreciation of them in their deepest core. Those where some of the conclusions that our group came to over the weekend.

Tuesday, 17. March 2015

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