Our new website www.ddi-eastafrica.co.ke

Well, our new website is finished for now. www.ddi-eastafrica.co.ke is up and running. Thanks so much to Ellen, Maryanne, Florence, Moses, Mrs. Vuzio, Stanford, Lutz, and Stefan for all the work that went into it. Wait a few more weeks, and we will have galleries, and reports and everything else on there. Also, if you would like to put a contribution on the blog, just add a comment or send your article and we will publish it here. Till soon in Nairobi.


Monday, 05. April 2010

Re: Our new website www.ddi-eastafrica.co.ke

Your site is great. I like it. Keep on the good work people.

Saturday, 10. April 2010 • Philip Odeka • odekap@yahoo.com

Re: Our new website www.ddi-eastafrica.co.ke

dear Philip,
thanks so much for your encouraging words! and thanks for making contact! all the best to you!
ellen on behalf of the ddi team!

Sunday, 11. April 2010 • •

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